Manolo Rodríguez/Carlos Costa/Tom Rainey – “The Wait” (SR, 2019)

“The Wait” is a new release of 2019. The album was recorded by Manolo Rodríguez (Spanish guitar, electronics and composition), Carlos Costa (double bass) and Tom Rainey (drums). Three musicians are great and talented improvisers. Wide musical language, rich stylistic variety, stunning surprises and inventive decisions are the keys of their music. All music is always based on free improvisation. It’s a fusion of avant-garde jazz and experimental music. Manolo Rodriguez is the master of combining together different forms, instruments and styles. His music is based on contrasting pieces, the duos of electronics and acoustics, innovations and traditions, classical and modern forms and etc. All three musicians are active members of international avant-garde jazz and experimental music scene. They are always collaborating with other famous jazz masters and making original and interesting projects. The main aim of musicians is the same – they are dedicated to create evocative, bright, original and innovative sound, which frequently is stunning, weird, passionate, crazy, wild or simply outrageous.

“The Wait” is based on mix of free improvisation, avant-garde jazz and experimental music. The main forms of contemporary academical music are used here along with open, abstract and free structures of avant-garde jazz. The music is always related to avant-garde jazz – it’s the basic of most part of the compositions. Innovative playing techniques, original, hot and wild playing manner, unique sound, passionate and vivid melodies, sharp and modern harmony makes fascinating instrumentation and rich musical pattern. Dozens of different layers are joined together – it makes colorful, gorgeous, luminous and polyphonic facture. The musical pattern gets bright, modern and tremendous – it’s filled with concepts, contrasts and expressive pieces, who brings the drive and joy to the music. All music is based on free improvisation and jazz, but still has much in common with experimental, electronic and contemporary academical music. The research of weird tunes, extraction of new timbres, the usage of innovative playing techniques – musicians are making the highest propriority to fascinating sound experiments. Each is improvising differently – huge variety of styles, expressions, playing techniques and sounds make rich and coloful musical language. The compositions are composed by using various principes. The main elements of imrpovising, roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz, collective improvisations, some tunes of serialism, concrete music and electronics are mixed up with original and home-made composing techniques. Manolo Rodríguez is a great improviser – his melodies of Spanish guitar is the source of drive and expression. The improviser has hot and expressive playing manner – he’s also a composer of all the compositions. The compositions have wide musical language, the best quality of sound, original and bright point of view and universal kit of instrumentation. Gentle, light, expressive, moving ,thrilling and wild solos of spanish guitar are filled with ethnic melodic and rhythmic intonations of Spanish music. It’s gently fit together with synthetic tunes of electronics. Glitch, sonic system’s experiments, strange noises, cold and abandonned pieces, computer’s sounds and other elements are the main part of electronics. The improviser makes an organic balance between electronics and acoustics – warm, expressive, light and natural tunes of guitar are mixed up with synthesized noises. Tremendous culminations, charming and dizzy passages, glimpsy and sparkling riffs, colorful virages, deep and solemn pieces – all these elements are gently vombined together. Avant-garde jazz and the intonations of ethnic Spanish music contain the main base of the compositions. Carlos Costa is an interesting bass player. His bass melodies are filled with solemn and deep tunes, who make a stable bass line. Its solos make a great duo with guitar – it’s trembling, vibrant and full of bursting energy’s explosions. Moody, expressive and tremendous culminations, shrieky low tunes, repetitive rhythmic and melodic intonations, luminous free improvisations and wild free solos make driving sound. Tom Rainey is a famous drummer. His playing manner is expressive and bright – improviser already has remarkable and innovative style. He gently combines nervous bop, scandalous free improvisations, aggressive hard bop, terrific culminations, afro-american music rhythms, rare combos, authentic or home-made instruments and specific playing techniques. The result is great – the rhythmic section is solid and independent. It’s driving, scandalous, thrilling or sometimes calm, peaceful, static, dreamy or shady. Vibrant drum rolls, furious an sharp culminations, gentle and peaceful pieces, risky adventures, charming passages, trembling vibrato, colorful glissando and dozens of other traditional playing techniques and expressions are used together with innovative ways of playing. That makes an effort to each musicians playing – the music is joyful, original and interesting.


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