Lorenzo Belli – “immigration and love songs” (Psalmus Diuersae, 2019)

“immigration and love songs” is a new release of “Psalmus Diuersae” label. Album was released on 2019 and recorded by Lorenzo Belli. A nice combo of saxophone, bass and percussion is recorded here. There’s no information about this trio and its musicians in the Internet or page of the label. So we are going to write just about the music.

“immigration and love songs” is filled with passionate and expressive sound. The musicians are staying on the bases of avant-garde jazz, but also fuse it with other jazz styles. Expressive, nervous and furious solos are played in aggressive and sharp mood – it’s mainly related to bebop, post bop and other modern jazz styles. The music is moody and dynamic – its basic always rests free improvisation. The combo of saxophone, bass and drums/percussion is filled with drive, passion and energy. This ensemble is traditional modern jazz combo, but musicians are dedicated to get on brave, risky, ambitious and wild adventures and stunning musical experiments. All the compositions have open form – it’s the key to free, bright and evocative improvising. Each musician can express himself, make rare fusions, exotic combos, extract strange timbres and tunes. Rich musical language is filled with dozens of different textures, factures, gorgeous ornaments, dizzy and charming passages, aggressive and breaking sessions, colorful timbres, expressions and playing techniques. That makes many-layed and polyphonic musical pattern. The huge variety of playing techniques, expressions and special effects brings energetic, tremendous and thrilling sound. The splendid, bright and evocative instrumentation is based on traditions and innovations. Glissando, staccatto, abbreviations, ornaments, trills, vibrato, tremolo, arpeggio, frulato, growl, wah-wah and dozens of other usual playing techniques are mixed up with evocative, shocking, unconventional and completely wild and exotic ways of playing, special effects and eclectic combos. Sudden splashes, fascinating sparkles, roaring, vibrant and terrific blow outs, silent pauses, sudden changes of styles or motions makes expressive and driving mood. The music is mostly balancing somewhere between free improvisation, aggressive and expressive bebop, evocative neobop, peaceful and static cool and some tunes of mainstream jazz styles. The musicians manage to find an optimal balance between all these elements. They switch to another mood or playing manner without any force – calm, static, deep and solemn tunes are changed by terrific expulsions, powerful storm of sounds and timbres or simply fabulous, passionate, gentle, light, delicate and bright solos. The contrasts are the main principe of improvising. Joyful pieces meet the depressive and frustrated episodes, dramatic and extremely load culminations go straight down to especialy silent and abstract pieces. Lonely and deep tunes, slow or mid-slow melodies are illustrated by gorgeous timbres and coloristic elements. The main source of energy is the saxophone. Thrilling, expressive, growling, buzzing and roaring solos, powerful bursts of energy, turbulent blow outs, vibrant melodies, peaceful lullabies, breaking rhythmic sessions, sharp harmony, repetitive series, evocative and innovative instrumentation – all these elements make the saxophone the most important and leading instrument of whole album. It brings drive, joy, passion and expression to all compositions. Bass keeps the main nass line and is the source of inventive musical decisions. Solemn, tight and deep tunes are mixed up with sparkling solos, spontaneous free improvisations, vibrant and thrilling culminations, shrieky and repetitive tunes and colorful background. The bass alays is dynamic and passionate – its moods, emotions, innovations and masterful virtuosity are joined together and have a bright and original sound. Drums section is moving and thrilling. The rhythms of bebop and free improvisations contain the base of it. The section fits together millions of different tunes and timbres – terrific explosions, tremendous riffs, vibrant tremolo, light and gentle excerpts, gorgeous percussion, nervous and aggressive scandals, furious nreaking sessions, stunning free improvisations with turbulent energy or deep silent. Solis melodic line, variable and strong rhythmic section and colorful background makes the innovative and passionate sound.

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