Biliana Voutchkova, Vardan Ovsepian – “The Archaic Present” (Biliana Voutchkova + Vardan Ovsepian, 2018)

Biliana Voutchkova & Vardan Ovsepian | The Archaic Present

“The Archaic Present” was released on 2018 by “Biliana Voutchkova + Vardan Ovsepian” label. Album was recorded by duo – it’s Biliana Voutchkova (violin) and Vardan Ovsepian (piano). Both musicians are famous avant-garde jazz masters. They are active members of international jazz scene, keep collaborating with other musicians and preparing performances on various concerts or festivals. Each improviser has its own style and sound – traditions, different cultures, and innovations are mixed uo in one place in deligthful and original way. Musicians manage to find the artsy and organic balance between traditional and experimental jazz, free improvisation, folk music elements, Western Europe music and its main concepts, contemporary academical music and soft tunes of academic avant-garde. This huge synthesis of dozens of genres and styles is brought up together in organic way. Musicians always stay on main principe – their aim is to create rising, sparkling ,innovative and bright mix, where jazz, contemporary academical music, experiments and other music styles gently fit together.

“The Archaic Present” is based on synthesis and contrasts between traditional, modern, contemporary, mainstream and avant-garde jazz. The influenze of modern classical and experimental music also is heard, but it’s soft and gentle. Fascinating experiments, bright contrasts, independent melodies, tremendous riffs, sudden changes, colorful and impressive surprises – all these elements make the base of compositions. Free improvisation is the main compound of all compositions. No composition is written on strict traditional form of academical music. Open form lets musicians to express their own ways of playing, motions, characters, sounds and create exceptional sound. That’s how rich musical language is created. Each composition has marvelous instrumentation, expressive and rich musical language, precise and impressive playing technique, wild imagination and driving playing style. All these things make a great result – all the compositions are filled with spontaneous experiments, fascinating riffs, strange tunes or crazy ideas. Polyphonic musical pattern has sharp and dissonance harmony, dynamic and variable rhythmic, passionate melodic line, gorgeous background and dozens of special effects, coloristics and tunes. Biliana Voutchkova is a great improviser – she had already created his own style and unique sound. Her style is always somewhere between avant-garde jazz, the newest experiments of free jazz, wild and turbulent improvisations, great and organic mix up with eclectic and expressive bop, scandalous and aggressive hard bop, steady and quiet cool jazz, some tunes of mainstream and traditional jazz. The music of this improviser doesn’t have only one style – free improvisation is an impressive set of various jazz styles and folk elements. The traditional tunes of folk music of various countries the most brightly heard at melodic line – it makes eclectic, exotic, bright and exceptional sound. Bright, tremendoud and expressive melody mixed with eclectic folk music tunes, roaring bursts, powerful explosions of energy, aggressive, scandalous and stormy excerpts or calm, quiet and peaceful places, who have minimalistic sound and simple facture. Charming glissando, dizzy passages, furiously speed and furious solos, buzzing or hollowing tunes, strange sounds, static tunes, soft and delicate pizzicatto, strict staccatto and dozens of other traditional playing techniques are used together with shocking, provocative, wild and original ways of playing. Violin’s improvisations keep the steady, bright and solid melodic line. Piano is the source of joy, passions, drive and energy. Just like Biliana Voutchkova, Vardan Ovsepian is mixing up free improvisations, the newest tendencies of avant-garde jazz, the roots of 1960’s jazz, contemporary, modern and traditional jazz styles, contemporary academical music and folk music intonations. His music is bright and exclusive – expressive and energetic melodies are filled with drive, joy and sparkling bursts of energy. Virtuosic and luminous solos, impressive passages, moody glissando, breaking sessions, aggressive and turbulent bursts, luminous culminations, flowing and charming melodies, monotonic rhythmic series and sequences of sharp dissonances or primitive minimalism – all these and other elements gently fit together in one place. Both musicians create moving, impressive and tremendous pattern – the music has driving, wild and tremendous.

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