Rempis/Lopez/Packard – “The Early Bird Gets” (Aerophonic Records, 2019)

“The Early Bird Gets” is a new release of “Aerophonic Records”. Album was recorded by Dave Rempis (saxophones), Brandon Lopez (bass) and Ryan Packard (drums and electronics). It’s the first time, when these three great jazz masters are improvising together as a trio. All three of them are impressive and talented improvisers. Each musician has hiw own and original point ofview, modern and innovative sound, interesting conception, exclusive playing technique and dozens of ambitious, brave and fresh ideas. Musicians are paying the highest attention to creation of modern, exclusive and passionate sound. They are improvising with pleasure and drive. Spontaneous solos, fascinating experiments, research of strange timbres and innovative ways of playing, rich musical language, luminous expressions and moving, expressive and bright playing make an effort to driving and impressive sound. The music is based on dozens of jazz styles. Basically, it’s formed from the main roots of avant-garde jazz, newest tendencies and innovations of experimental jazz, free improvisation, as well as the tunes of Chicago and New York jazz styles, contemporayr and even traditional jazz and swing. Huge variety, fantasy, virtuosity and impressive playing always turn the compositions into real piece of art.

“The Early Bird Gets” has wide stylistic variety, dynamic sound and vivid mood. Album is filled with life and energy. Powerful, dynamic, luminous and fabulous bursts of energy are the main compounds of almost each composition. The contrasts and creation of glamorous and bright mood contain the main conception of the album. Musicians are making brave turns, ambitious experiments, inventive decisions, shocking and wild explosions or search of new ways of playing. Music is bright, itense and contrasting. It’s changing all the time – from silent, warm and natural sound it goes to aggressive and shrieky culminations, dramatic risings or passionate and cordial excerpts. Each musician is dedicated to create something new – that’s why rare, exotic and eclectic combos are very frequent in the album. Independent melodies, individual and bright improvising of each musician, modern point of view, extravagant, weird and shocking instrumentation, dozens of expressions and ornaments make multi-layed and colorful musical pattern. Dynamic rhythmic, solid melodic line, sharp and dissonance harmony, huge range of scales, vivid and colorful expressions and incredible instrumentation create impressive sound of album. The instrumentation is simply marvelous – musicians are using traditional playing techniques along with modern experiments, search of gorgeous tunes or weird noises. They also integrate fascinating musical experiments, shocking, exclusive, strange ways of playing who mixed up together with wild, crazy or simply original ideas, specific methods of composing, home-made instruments or any other innovations. Electronics and acoustics gently meet with each other. Warm, cordial and natural timbre of acoustics is colrfully and very subtly illustrated by cold and synthetic tunes of electronics. It’s mostly used as coloristic element of background – electronics is the source of dozens of colors and inventions. Saxophone’s improvisations by Dave Rempis are expressive, dynamic and bright. Saxophonist is improvising just fantastic – he’s demonstrating his own and unique sound, especially moving and expressive manner and wide range of original ideas. Roaring and trembling solos, aggressive and colorful riffs, tremendous blow outs, dizzy passages, expressive and vibrant melodies, terrific culminations are mixed up with cool, peaceful and soft mood, swing or even the intonations of contemporary or traditional jazz styles. The style of Dave Rempis is based on avant-garde jazz and free improvisation and influenced by bebop, post bop, neo bop, hard bop, cool, progressive, contemporary and other modern jazz styles. The traditions of Chicago, New York or American jazz in generally are continued here. The result is marvelous – saxophones always rest the main tune of melodic line, who makes it driving and exceptional. Brandon Lopez is demonstrating his virtuosity and and creativity. His double bass is filled with crazy ideas, wild and terrific turns, gentle, warm and soft virages, charming passages, lonely tunes, monotonic bass line and extravagant musical decisions. Saxophone and double bass duos make a great combo – both musicians have especially expressive, emotional, bright and touching playing manner and wide stylistic variety. Double bass is always somewhere between furious and hot bursts of energy, spontaneous solos, terrific and turbulent free improvisation, cool and relaxing, light and soft excerpts of contemporary jazz, nervous and ambitious solos of bop or swingy, romantic, simple and lyrical pieces of traditional jazz. Improviser is demonstrating a wide musical knownledge – he pass through dozens of playing techniques, fantastic ornaments and glamorous riffs without any effort and finds the most impressive way to combine all the elements in one place. The duos have driving, expressive and vivid mood. Ryan Packard’s drums are mixed up with electronics. Drums section is moving and dynamic. It’s vigilante storm of terrific rolls, powerful beats, trembling and vibrant bursts of energy, dramatic scandals or dreamy and soft excerpts. The main rhythmic figures of traditional, modern and experimental jazz are used here silmunateously. It creates driving and breaking sessions with turbulent and impressive culminations and wild free improvisations. Rhythmic section is solid and independent. Electronics bring the synthetic tunes and new colors. It’s mostly used as a coloristic effect. Special effects, sounds of computer and electronics devices, drone, glitch and other similar techniques makes an effort to modern and inventive sound. All three musicians make a great debut – their improvisations are innovative and expressive, filled with driving and touching mood.

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