Guerino Mazzola / Heinz Geisser – “Live at Le Classique” (PfMentum, 2018)

“Live at Le Classique” was released on 2018 by “PfMentum” records. Album was recorded by Hein Geisser (percussion) and Guerino Mazzola (piano). The duo always likes to create expressive, driving and animated mood. Both musicians are interesting and innovative jazz improvisers. Their music is totally based on European avant-garde jazz and various styles of modern jazz. The traditions of European experimental jazz are mixed up with American avant-garde jazz and its basics. The musicians like to twist through dozens of moods, compare contrasting and totally different pieces, experiment in all cases of musical language, research of new and outrageous tunes, rare combos and exceptional instrumentation. They finally manage to create bright, moving and expressive sound. Each of them has driving and expressive style, effective, sharp and hot playing manner, the best playing technique and unique sound. Both musicians had been playing and colaborating together with other famous jazz masters – they are famous in European avant-garde jazz scene. Sensitive and impressive improvising is a mix of drive, passions, modes and wild experiments.

Music is filled with surprises and energy at all compositions of “Live at Le Classique”. Album is based on basics of avant-garde and modern jazz. Free improvisation, experimental, creative and free jazz are combined together with bebop, post bop, hard bop, cool, fusion and other styles of modern and contemporary jazz. Splendid playing technique, masterful virtuosity, inventive instrumentation and rich musical language are the main compounds of all compositions. All improvisations are based on open form, abstract structure, dynamic rhythmic, solid melodic line and sound’s experiments. That’s how incredible and bright musical pattern is created. It’s multi-colorful, universal, vivid and powerful – huge range of rhythms, melodies, moods, characters and other elements are used here. Solid melodies, firm and admiring solos, aggressive and frantic culminations, wild bursts of energy, luminous and turbulent improvisations are created and mixed up with pleasure and drive. Musicians are going through dozens of moods very easily and organically. Gentle and soft, light and luminous, peaceful, pathetic, hysteric, scandalous, powerful, turbulent, angry, depressive, primitive or simply gorgeous and passionate – there’s an enormously wide range of motions, who are expressed here. Piano by Hein Geisser is expressive and moving. Pianist has interesting and organic playing style – here expression, spontaneous solos, sudden changes and drive are mixed up with some playing techniques of contemporary academical music. Pianist always is trying to make inventive and fresh sound – he integrates rare and exotic combos, eclectic stylistic pairs, inventive, shocking or simply weird ways of playing to the variety of traditional playing techniques, who are essentials of contemporary academical music. That makes an effort to expressive and bright sound. His improvisations are based on aggressive, hot and luminous playing manner. Pianist shows his virtuosity and invention – he’s jumping from the one mood or playing etchnique to another. The contrasts is the key of the improvisations. Vigilante and powerful episodes are combined with gentle and soft pieces, vivid, light or soft excerpts, furiously rapid roulades, dizzy passages, puantilism, lonely and repetitive tunes, meditative pieces or minimalistic interpretations. The main part of the music rests in aggressive and driving mood. Moving, scandalous, trembling and vibrant bursts of energy are the most effective and impressive pieces of pianist’s combos. Percussion by Guerino Mazzola is multi-colorful, many-layed and bright. Nervous and rapid rhythms of bop, light and gentle extracts, monotonic and powerful beats, furious drum rolls, extremely loud tunes or peaceful, meditative and hypnotic rhythms – all these elements gently fit together. Drummer has an incredible playing technique and original improvising – he puts together expression, delight, passion, drive and the best knownledge of musical language. Rare combos, exotic tunes, outrageous timbres, special effects, sound’s experiments also are very important element of background and whole album. This music has remarkable and dynamic sound.

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