Zyft – “Midnight tea suite” (Creative Sources, 2019)

“Midnight tea suite” is the new release of “Creative Sources”. Album was recorded by “Zyft” – it’s a trio of Ziv Taubenfeld (bass-clarinet), Henk Zwerver (guitar) and Maya Felixbrodt (viola). The improvisations of this trio are evocastive and filled with original musical decisions. Musicians have expressive, admiring and passionate style, effective playing manner and expressive sound. Impressive playing manner, professional and emotional playing, masterful virtuosity and inventive musical decisions make the music of the trio driving, bright and evocative. All three musicians are very well-known at avant-garde jazz scene. They also are collaborating with other jazz masters. The experiments and searches of special and outrageous tunes, new expressions and specific ways of playing are the main basics of their music. The musicians try out new ways of improvising – they proceed the roots of avant-garde jazz and combine it with the newest tendencies of experimental jazz. The result is fascinating – electronics, special effects, drastic and innovative experiments, contrasts and the main principes of free improvisation gives bright, luminous and organic sound.

“Midnight tea suite” is filled with dynamic, abstract and intense sound. All compositions are based on avant-garde jazz and experimental music. Abstract and colorful pattern, free structure, open form, modern and sharp harmony, dynamic rhythmic and rich musical language – all these elements are main basics of compositions. Free improvisation is bright, polyphonic and multi-layed. Musicians are getting on brave, noisy, ambitious and wild adventures – their music is changing all the time. The basics of avant-garde jazz are brought in by bass clarinet and guitar. Thetunes of experimental and contemporary academical music are related with viola and dramatic, evocative and lyrical sound. The musicians are independent – each of them is improvising differently from the others. Form, color, theme, sound and other elements are contrasting and bright, but the musicians manage to mix it in one big pattern. All three improvisers have a sense of each other – they sensitively react to the melodies or surprises of other improvisers and create interesting or spontaneous pieces. Wide musical language, precise playing technique, effective, luminous and tremendous playing manner, evocative sound are used all together with drive, passion, power, vividness and the newest innovations. The instrumentation is the most important element of all, as usually. It makes an effort to whole sound and impression – musicians combine together experimental, innovative and traditional ways of playing. Glissando, pizzicatto, arpeggio, trills, staccatto, frulato, blow outs and other very well-known expressions and techniques are used with wild, frantic and innovative ways of playing, new methods of improvising, gorgeous timbres, expressive and passionate ornaments, dizzy virages, roulades or any other coloristics. That’s how solid melodic line is connected with frantic and loud rhythmic base and colorful background. Ziv Taubenfeld is improvising brightly and dynamic. His bass clarinet sounds are contrasting and passionate – here meets dozens of different emotions and sounds. Subtle and silent tunes, repetitive bass line, monotonic sounds, contemplative and solemn solos are against tremendous culminations, luminous, expressive and driving solos, turbulent and frantic free improvisations or impressive duos with guitar. Bass clarinet keeps stable bass line, illustrates the background and creates great melodic line. Henk Zwerver’s improvising is free, organic and dynamic. Sudden changes of contrasting elements is the main principe of these improvisations. Vivid and joyful solos meet the furious, angry, aggressive or expressive melodies, lyrical excerpts, dreamy and romantic tunes, depressive, primitive or minimalistic samples or episodes, who simply are light, gorgeous and driving. Inventive musical decisions, bright culminations and incredible duos with bass clarinet or viola demonstrate multi-colorful and wide abilities of this great guitarist. Maya Felixbrodt’s viola is the source of rare and academical music tunes. Dramatic, shrieky, harsh and repetitive tunes are mixed with expressive melodies, light and vivid solos, roaring and trembling improvisations, dizzy virages, charming passages and deep, solemn and contemplative tunes. Viola’s melodies are bright and colorful – effective and bright compounds are used as coloristics, special effects or the main compounds of melody. All three musicians are improvising with passion and fantasy – they manage to create innovative and original sound.


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