Peixe Frito – “Jazz From Here” (Last Pork Records, 2018)

“Jazz From Here” was released on 2018 by “Last Pork Records”. Album was recorded Paulo Chagas (flutes, saxophones), Luís Guerreiro  (trumpet, electronics, tibetan bowl), Paulo Duarte (electric guitar), Alvaro Rosso  (double bass) and Pedro Santo (drums). All content was produced by Peixe Frito. All musicians are great jazz masters. Each has his own playing style, specific and suggestive playing manner, original and bright sound and inventive point of view. Musicians like drastic virageous, sudden turns, pleasant surprises, impressive and fabulous improvisations, brave and ambitious ideas and innovative experiments. They also have wide musical language, impressive playing technique, the best sound quality and unique sound. Musicians are active members of avant-garde jazz scene – they also had been playing together with other famous jazz masters. International jazz scene, tours in various countries, collaborations with great jazz stars was made because of interesting, bright and original sound of these musicians.

“Jazz From Here” has dozens of contrasts, colorful and sparkling solos, rich musical language and bright sound. All music is based on avant-garde and experimental jazz. The compositions also get nervous, rapid and luminous tunes, related to bebop and other mdoern jazz styles. Progressive, hard bop, post bop, neo bop and other jazz styles create nervous, bright, dramatic and aggressive melodies. Musicians are experimenting on dozens of cases – they invent new, specific and experimental ways of playing and mix them with traditional techniques, special effects, home-made instruments, strange tunes and basics of improvising. Musicians don’t forget the roots of avant-garde jazz – they proceed the traditions of great avant-garde jazz masters, but connect them with innovative, bright, original and passionate ways of improvising. Contrasts are the main principe of composing – improvisers masterfully get together different and illustrative pieces, moods, characters and expressions. The sense of each other’s playing is very strong in all musicians playing – improvisers genuinely mix up together absolutely uncompairable episodes, collectively jump on expressive, turbulent and dramatic bursts of energy or effective, subtle and impressive downs. Bordering dynamics, dozens of expressions, chords and moods make the impression of emotional, bright and passionate sound of this album. Polyphonic, rich and multi-layed musical pattern is universal and wide – here meets all kinds of instruments, brave experiments, fresh ideas, wild and crazy decisions or strange timbres. Flutes and saxophones create and keep all the time the main mood and firm melodic line. Gentle, light, virageous or playful tunes of flute is just one side of flute’s improvisations. Relaxing excerpts, meditative or primitive pieces go straightly to shrieky and dramatic culminations, low tunes and expressive melodies. Saxophones are filled with doznes of jazz styles – calm and relaxing pieces are based on progressive, cool and contemporary jazz styles synthesis. These episodes have dreamy, romantic, lyrical or pathetic mood. Silent pauses suddenly become explosing, expressive and powerful bursts of energy. It’s filled with marvelous and dizzy passages, gorgeous ornaments, special effects, illustrative expressions, remarkable andintense melodies and other elements. It’s masterfully made by Paulo Chagas. An interesting synthesis of trumpet, electronics and tibethian bowl is created by Luís Guerreiro and gently fits together with electric guitar by Paulo Duarte. Ambient, drone, glitch, moderated tunes and alterated timbres, synthesized noises, special effects and other elements of electronics create interesting and stunnign background. Trumpet is bright and evocative. Loud, short, sometimes – repetitive, nervous, aggressive and monotonic, episodes are filled with dozens of moods and emotions. Swinging, dreamy, romantic and light excerpts are against turbulent and driving culminations, passionate solos, charming passages, roaring blow outs and millions of other expressions. It makes animated and surprising mood, which’s always in change. From sad to depressed, to vivid and driving, ambitious and glorious, repetitive and ambient, meditative and primitive or simply light, cordial and jolly – the turns of styles and moods are everywhere in this album. Electric guitar gives strong and intense tune. Heavy and strict rhythmic, hard core, angry and aggressive solos, who get on abandonned and depressive pieces, grow to powerful, stunning and bright culminations. The double bass by Alvaro Rosso is subtle, relaxing and vivid. Meditative, primitive and monotonic pieces, solid bass line is twisted with gorgeous tunes, passionate melodies, dramatic, wild and frantic riffs, moving or tremendous excerpts. Drums section by Pedro Santo is gently connected together with tibetan bowl tunes. Expressive, nervous, vital, vivid and bright rhythms of bebop are mixed up with turbulent culminations, spontaneous and free solos, tremendous rolls, powerful thunders, calm and peaceful meditations or any other mood. Tibetian bowl brings exotic and rare tunes – it’s mostly used as coloristic effect. This album is a mix of different styles and expressions – it has bright and innovative sound.

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