La Brique – “Dolphy’s Dolphins Doll Dream” (Sono Sordo, 2019)

“Dolphy’s Dolphins Doll Dream” was released by”Sono Sordo” label. Album was recorded by “La Brique” – it’s the avant-garde jazz ensemble, who has exceptional and modern sound. The members of this ensemble are Yves Charuet (alto saxophone), Philippe Lauzier (saxophones, bass clarinet), Sam Shalabi (electric guitar, oud), Alexandre St-Onge (double bass, electronics, voice) and Michael F Coté (drums, percussion). The music of this quintet is bright, intense and filled with inventive musical decisions. Musicians gently combine together electronics, innovations, modern technilogies and traditions. All music is based on avant-garde and experimental jazz. It’s also mixed up with academic avant-garde, experimental music and free improvisation. The musicians are marvelous and impressive improvisers – they have admiring, luminous and bright sound, effective playing manner, unique sound, rich musical language and wide musical knownledge. All five are famous on international jazz scene – they had been improvising together with famous and exceptional figures of avant-garde jazz. They always are willing to create evocative and fresh sound.

“Dolphy’s Dolphins Doll Dream” has interesting sound, impressive instrumentation and innovative musical language. All compositions are based on open form, who’s constructed from free improvisations, abstractions or spontaneous excerpts. The music is bright and intense – pleasant surprises, gorgeous tunes, evocative sounds and outrageous timbres form colorful background. The compositions are abstract, wild and free improvisations, where different melodies, sounds, expressions and playing techniques are brought together. It forms rich, polyphonic and modern pattern. Independnet melodies, solid and remarkable melodic line, dozens of colors, tunes and timbres, dynamic rhythmic, spontaneous moods changes, special effects, the newest technologies and ancient traditions – all these elements are the part of the improvisations. The harmony is unconventional and modern – it’s based on sharp and harsh dissonances, soft consonances, dreamy, remarkable or intense and weird tunes, pitches. Each musician is experimenting in all cases of musical language – they are searching for new ways to make solid, tremendous and exciting melodic line, roaring and effective culminations, passionate riffs or subtle and peaceful moments. Their invention, fantasy, imagination and creativity is the main principe – musicians bravely get on drastic, modern, ambitious, crazy or wild experiments, decisions or sudden turns. The instrumentation connects traditional and experimental ways of playing, main principes of free improvisations, home-made and specific methods, wild, tremendous and original ideas. sound experiments, strange timbres and extended playing techniques. Glissando, vibrato, pizzicatto, arpeggio, staccatto, gorgeous ornaments and abbreviations, luminous coloristics, contrasts between electronics and acoustics – that’s just a small part of rich, enchanting and innovative instrumentation’s section. Yves Charuet and Philippe Lauzier keep bright and passionate reeds section. Various kinds of saxophones and bass clarinet dictate the main mood and form the basics of melodic line. Expressive, hot, passionate and wild – that’s how we could call the music of two great saxophonists. Passion, drive, expression and energy are the main compounds of their music. Charming passages, wild rapid solos, expressive, moving, tremendous, luminous and impressive melodies, subtle pieces, relaxing pauses or meditative and primitive excerpts are filled with special effects, monotonic tunes of bass clarinet, calm and solid bass line, roaring and turbulent blow outs and special effects. Sam Shalabi’s electric guitar and exotic tunes of oud gently fit together with double bass of Alexandre St-Onge. Both musicians create marvelous background and illustrate the melodic line. Intense, ambitious, powerful and turbulent tunes are brought in by electric guitar. Aggressive, tremendous and strict riffs, hard core, alterated and modified timbres, special effects, outrageous sounds are against free and impressive improvisations. Electric guitar is used together with electronics and some elements of voice – it’s mostly bright and intense coloristics. Electric guitar form luminous and bright melodie, which is highly contrasting with light, gentle, expressive and dramatic reeds. Electric guitar makes a marvelous equation with electronics, some voice or spoken elements, and impressive reeds section. Double bass is subtle and relaxing – it brings calm and peaceful mood to the improvisations. Meditative mood is created by using simple chords, monotonic tunes, repetitive rhythmic and short melodic elements. Simple, subtle, relaxing and calm tunes are against expressive and bursting culminations, shrieky tunes, low and powerful sounds, light, cordial and passionate melodies or deep, calm and tremendous excerpts. Drums section is colorfully illustrated by percussions. Michael F Coté creates a multi-layed, bright, colorful and dynamic rhythmic section. Nervous and wild rapid rhythms of bop, turbulent free improvisations who suddenly passe through aggressive and luminous culminations or dreamy, monotonic and slow pieces – drummer connects all them together with drive, invention, fantasy and passion. Impressive rhythmic section has firm and suggestive sound – it’s gently fit together with tremendous melodic line, fabulous background and special effects. The album has remarkable, charming and passionate sound.

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