Benjamín Vergara / Fred Lonberg-Holm / Aaron Zarzutzki – “Five Arias For Nalca” (Inexhaustible Editions, 2018)

“Five Arias For Nalca” was released by “Inexhaustible Editions” on 2018. Album was recorded by Benjamín Vergara (trumpet), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello) and Aaron Zarzutzki (synthesizer, objects). The musicians are experienced and talented improvisers. Their music is based on experimental jazz, contemporary academical and experimental music, electroacoustics, electronics and modern composing techniques. The experimental ways of playing, extractions of unusual tunes, weird timbres or complertely outrageous coloristics gently fit together with expansion of technical abilities and inventive musical decisions. Musiians are using dozens of styles and genres of contemporary academical and experimental music. Most part of the decisions is based on radical, shocking, fresh and evocative ideas. They get a nice mix from turbulent and intense free improvisations, radical experiments and turns between calm and abstract improvisation, terrific culmination or subtle and contemplative search of new timbres. Musicians got together expressive melodies, dramatic and harsh tunes, sharp harmony, abstract and gorgeous background, repetitive series, minimalism elements, as well as concrete, sonoristic and electronic music tunes. Musicians had been improvising with dozens of different musicians – they are famous in contemporary academical, experimental, electroacoustic music scene and free jazz improvisations.

“Five Arias For Nalca” is based on abstract and gorgeous musical pattern who contains wide range of styles, manners, modes, instrumentations and composing techniques. The album is based on experimental jazz, free improvisation, free, creative or any other style of avant-garde jazz. Abstract, luminous and contrasting improvisations are mixed up with dozens of styles of contemporary academical, experimental, sonoristic, electroacoustic, coloristic and concrete music. The tunes or certain elements of minimalism, serialism, electronics and academic avant-garde also are used here. The musicians make a marvelous combo of electronics and acoustics – the groups of bright and aggressive reeds and strings gently fit with synthetic and surprising electronics. Wide, universal, inspiring and abstract musical pattern is created. It has open form, free improvisation, splendid and engaging instrumentation, rich musical language and modern expressions, harmony and variable rhythmic. The instrumentation is just marvelous – experimental, schocking, radical, bright and innovative ways of playing, special effects are combined together with very well-known playing techniques, unusual sound’s searches, outrageous tunes and effective musical decisions. Universal kit of instrumentation is used here – glissando, virtuosic ornaments, passages, arpeggio, trills, tremolo, pizzicatto, rubato and other traditional playing techniques are mixed up with glitch, drone, sonic system’s experiments, ambient, alterated and modified tunes, synthetic sounds, sound machine’s timbres, the sounds of computer and electronics, synthesizer’s and objects, special effects and field recordings. Home-made and original playing techniques or instruments also are used here – organic, exotic or stunning intonations are brought in by them. Benjamín Vergara is a famous trumpeter. His music is expressive, warm and organic. It’s based on deep and trembling tunes, sounds experiments, innovative ideas and free improvisation. Improviser has marvelous playing manner – it’s hot, moody, dynamic and inspiring. From charming passages it goes straight to tremendous blow outs, dizzy glissando, dynamic and expressive solos or silent, relaxing and calm episodes. Trembles, thrills, blows, growls, hollows and urgling tunes of any kind create a wide palette of scales, timbres and tunes. It makes the trumpet’s music bright, expressive and intense. Fred Lonberg-Holm is another one great jazz musician. His cello melodies are remarkable and passionate, vivid and soft, gentle, light or – furious, aggressive, moving, trembling and scandalous. No matter, what kind of technique mode is used – cellist always finds the best way to combine dozens of original playing techniques, textures, factures, composing techniques in one place. His improvisations are trembling, moving and bright – it’s gently fit together with hollowing, blowing and expressive trumpet. Unusual timbres, outrageous tunes, strange sounds and search of inventive, rare and exotic combos is the main priority of all three musicians. The changes of moods always is heard – from subtle, abandoned or gloomy tunes, the music gets depressive and dark, ambient and aggressive, when goes straight to light, glorious, joyful, gentle or simply gorgeous improvisations, furious scandals, dramatic culminations, tremendous storms, primitive minimalism, repetitive sessions or any other mood or episode. Aaron Zarzutzki leads the electronics and synthesizer. It’s moody, dynamic and vivid. Dozens of ambient, unusual, engaging and expressive tunes of electronics and synthesizer create an engaging and impressive mood. Musicians explore wide and impressive ways of playing and organically combine together synthetic electronics, surprising tunes, remarkable melodies, minimalistic and primitive figures. They manage tocreate rich, engaging and modern sound.

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