Simon H. Fell – Richard Comte – Jean Luc- Petit – “Limoges” (NUNC./Bruce’s Fingers, 2019)

“Limoges” is the new release of “NUNC” and “Bruce’s Fingers” records. Album was recorded by Richard Comte (guitar), Jean-Luc Petit (sopranino saxophone, contrabass clarinet ) and Simon H. Fell (double bass). Inspiring, fresh and evocative improvisations are filled with original ideas, passionate solos and free, wild and spontaneous improvisations. All three jazz masters are inventive andcreative musicians – they have a huge experience and had been central figures on avant-garde jazz scene for many years. Each improviser has innovative and exclusive style – it’s virageous, moody, dynamic and moving. The musicians are passing through dozens of moods, create colorful and sparkling musical pattern, rich musical language with numerous of expressions. Their music always is based on avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and experimental music. New forms, shocking and stunning ways of playing, special effects and wide range of gorgeous timbres – all these elements always are the most important priority to the musicians. Musicians are improvising together just marvelous – they are sensitive to each other’s playing – that’s how they manage to create polyphonic, sparkling and tremendous improvisations.

“Limoges” is based on roots of avant-garde and experimental jazz. Traditional combo of modern jazz is used here – guitar, saxophone or clarinet and double bass. Open form, abstract structure, free improvisations, spontaneous changes or impressive virages, polyphony and homophony, loud and turbulent culminations against silent, relaxing and soft excerpts – musicians really know dozens of ways, how to make bright, evocative and surprising sound. The roots of avant-garde jazz are combined with bebop, post bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles – nervous and aggressive rhythms, furiously fast solos and sharp harmony. Sound experiments, searches of innovative and original playing techniques or simply free and abstract timbres and tunes, played in soft or ambient mood also are heard in certain episodes. The music is bright and moody – musicians are the masters of combining together strong and bright contrasts. They create an incredible instrumentation – it’s based on expansion of instruments abilities, strange tunes, gorgeous timbres, fusion of experimental, home-made or traditional playing techniques. Bordering dynamics, furious and loud scandals, shrieky tunes, luminous and passionate riffs, turbulent and extremely powerful culminations or silent, dreamy and modest pieces – musicians switch between all these moods in gentle and impressive manner. Saxophone’s and bass clarinet’s tunes by Jean-Luc Petit create the main mood of most part of compositions. Improviser has hot and expressive playing style, wide musical knownledge and effective manner. He manages to make evocative, bright and sparkling improvisations with solid melodic line, impressive solos, variable rhythmic and colorful background. Remarkable and intense rhythmic, tremendous melodic line is filled with expressive and flowing solos, dizzy and charming passages, colorful glissando, passionate and luminous riffs, roaring, terrific and wild blow outs. Guitar by Richard Comte is expressive and moving, but has lots of differents from the reeds. Hard core, monotonic tunes, aggressive and breaking sessions, heavy riffs make intense and vibrant sound. These elements gently fit together with expressive, light, moving, attractive, surprising and engaging melodies, passages or abstract free improvisations. Guitarist likes to dive in abstract and authentic search of tunes and sounds. He manages to create wide range of expressions, aggressive and passionate playing techniques, charming passages, dizzy and flowing melodies, experimental, innovative and schocking ways of playing. Bright, light and vivid saxophone, deep and calm bass clarinet and vibrant guitar make a great combo all together. Double bass by Simon H. Fell has subtle and calm mood, who is changed by expressive, stormy and luminous culminations or relaxing and dreamy pauses. Original, expressive and incredible sound is created – musicians try out new ways of playing, evocative, drastic, innovative and luminous expressions, special effects, weird and strange timbres and bright coloristics. The music is impressive, dynamic and filled with contrasts.

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