Vittorino Curci, Gianni Console, Walter Forestiere – “Mute Profondità” (Sonorus Records, 2018)

“Mute Profondità” was released on 2018 by “Sonorus Records”. Album was recorded by Vittorino Curci (alto and tenor saxophones, megaphone, plastic pipe, objects), Gianni Console (alto and baritone saxophones, brass pipe) and Walter Forestiere (drums, analog synthesizers and variable sonic objects). The musicians are great improvisers – they have innovative point of view, original ideas and impressive playing style. Their improvisations are usually based on synthesis between avant-garde and experimental jazz, free improvisation, experimental music and academic avant-garde. The special effects, electronics or sounds of computer devices also are used frequently along with acoustics. Musicians are searching to new and original ways of playing, They make rare, exotic or weird stylistic combos, exotic instrumental pairs and are willing to get on brave and ambitious experiments. The music is adventurous, wild and free – each of them has inspiring, evocative and expressive playing style and inventive point of view of avant-garde jazz.

“Mute Profondità” is colorful, dynamic and made by fusing dozens of music styles. Basics of avant-garde and experimental jazz are fused all together with electronics, experimental music and academic avant-garde. Musicians have a wide and colorful musical language. It’s made by using effective, expressive and original expressions, special effects, noisy tunes, trembling noises and weird sounds. The music is completely free and spontaneous – musicians are improvising in the spot. Inspiring, innovative and evocative sound is created – musicians are willing to create something new and bright on free improvisational music scene. They manage to make an artsy, ambitious and luminous mix of spontaneous free improvisations, fascinating and brave musical experiments, searches of unusual sounds, experimental ways of playing and very well-known rules, princips and ways of playing of contemporary academical music. Abstract form makes an effort to open form – all the compositions are based on abstract and free form without any frames or conventional rules. Each of them is using his imagination and fantasy – they manage to make great, fascinating and innovative ideas. Original decisions, pleasant surprises, suggestive, touching and dramatic mood, inspiring and driving playing style – that’s the main elements of this music. It has a marvelous instrumentation and splendid musical language. Experimental ways of playing, special effects, search of weird timbres and specific intonations, rare combos, remarkable melodies, trembling, blowing and roaring blow outs, impressive riffs, explosing and hot bursts of energy, turbulent culminations and passionate passages – all these elements bring remarkable, frantic and touching mood. It’s sometimes calm, relaxing or depressive, angry, abandoned, abstract, silent, minimalistic, cold and meditative – musicians are talented to express a huge range of moods, colors, manners and ways of playing one after another. The music has a passion and expression – each episode is especially expressive and emotional. Furiously rigorous, scandalous, nervous or sweet, calm, gorgeous, joyful, playful, childish and warm – musicians are improvising in inspiring, bright and suggestive manner. Various kinds of saxophones, brass and plastic pipes, objects, megaphone by Vittorino Curci and Gianni Console. Both musicians get on silent and abstract search of new timbres, extraction of rare or exotic combos, meditative, relaxing or minimalistic mood. These episodes are calm and interesting – it’s based on original pairs of unusual sounds, contrasting intervals or dissonances. From silent and subtle pieces the music gets on intense and loud improvisations. It has dozens of moods – loud and roaring blow outs meet sweet and gentle tunes, gorgeous timbres, trembling and vibrant melodies, expressive riffs or moving passages, tremolos or glissando. Free, vivid and contrasting reeds make an interesting combo with drums, the pipes, sonic system’s experiments, electronics and computer sounds. The excerpts of megaphone, modified tunes, weird timbres, alterated sounds, strange and outrageous noises, imitations of nature’s sounds, prepared tunes, spoken elements, field recordings and other elements make a contrasting and interesting electronics section. It makes an innovative and modern background, who’s contrasting with warm, natural and illustrative acoustics. The musicians are trying to show the difference between synthetic electronics and natural acoustics – that managed to do very well. All the instruments are mixed up together in organic, natural and impressive way. Drums section, same as all the electronics, is leaded by Walter Forestiere. Slow, deep and monotonic beats form driving and firm bass line, it suddenly goes to dramatic culminations, hot, driving and expressive rhythmic series, nervous and scandalous rolls, terrific explosions of energy or meditative, slow and calm episodes, who also are as same driving, as active or extremely fast excerpts. All the music of this album is made with drive, expression and pleasure – it has driving, moving and simply impressive sound.

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