“TOKEN BREEDER” is another one new release of 2019. Album was recorded by Michael Foster (saxophone), Jacob Wick (trumpet) and Ted Byrnes (percussion). Three great improvisers are famous in international avant-garde jazz scene. Collaborations with other jazz masters, innovative style, radical and new ideas, fresh point of view and unique sound certainly are the main reasons, why these masters are famous. Their music is radical, sharp, aggressive and hot/ All three musicians like to experiment in search of new timbres or strange sounds. Musicians aren’t paying much attention to glamorous, static or remarkable melodie. The music is constructed from millions of little pieces, lonely tunes, separated sounds, beats or chords who are mixed in abstract musical pattern. Musicians don’t hesitate to make fresh, evocative, wild, scandalous or provocative decisions – their collective improvisations always are the bursts of energy, mixed up with drive, passion and brightness. This mix makes a great occassion to make something new – the music is filled with evocative decisions, fascinating experiments and innovative tunes. All albums are totally based on avant-garde and experimental jazz. Traditions, roots of 1960’s jazz are mixed with radical, new and shocking tendencies of contemporary experimental jazz.

“TOKEN BREEDER” is filled with sharp, expressive and effective sound. The basics of avant-garde jazz form the base of compositions. It’s influenced by soft intonations of bebop or other modern jazz styles, but main part still rests on experimental or avant-garde jazz. Free improvisation, open form, fascinating instrumentation, the newest and radical innovations, gorgeous expressions, special effects, abbreviations and ornaments make colorful, bright, rich and multi-layed musical pattern. Musicians don’t hesitate to use shocking musical decisions, frantic solos or unconventional ideas. The music is constructed from tiny little pieces – each of them has its own character, mood and expressions. Musicians manage to fuse together sound experiments, fascinating and simply fantastic instrumentation, spontaneous ideas, sudden turns, terrififc solos, marvelous and precise playing technique and the best quality of sound. Their improvisations are abstract, wild and free. All the decisions or ideas are made spontaneously – it makes an effort to gorgeous, moving and impressive sound. Michael Foster and Jacob Wick make strong, solid and sharp melodic section. Saxophone by Michael Foster is moving, trembling and furious. Sharp tunes, furious and angry solos, roaring, trembling and frantic blow outs, dissonances and breaking sessions meet the meditative, subtle and abandoned episodes. The main mood of saxophone’s solos is vibrant, active and aggressive. Radical ideas, fresh tunes, evocative instrumentation, strange and gorgeous timbres, exotic playing techniques make the hot, roaring and extremely loud energy’s explosion. Saxophone is effective, harsh, impressive and bright – it’s a real delight to listen to terrific solos, breaing sessions and expressive, moving and scandalous culminations or meditative, calm, relaxing and peaceful episodes, who also have effective sound. Jacob Wick’s trumpet is loud, rigorous, blowing and growling. Especially hot, expressive and sharp playing manner is the main element of Jacob’s Wick’s playing style and suggestive, innovative and tremendous sound. His improvisations are mostly based on urging, growling, roaring and turbulent free improvisations. Strange timbres, special effects, extended playing techniques, imitated sounds and timbres, shrieky tunes, hysteric, dramatic and scandalous solos, furious and fast melodies, charming passages or deep, solid, vibrant and violent episodes – all these elements are mixed in organic and creative way. Duos of trumpet and saxophone are fantastic and marvelous – it’s the most effective, vibrant and crazy places of whole album. Improvisations gently fit with drums section, leaded by Ted Byrnes. Roaring rolls, wild and furious scandals, frantic and trembling solos, moving rhythms, breaking, rolling and vibrant sessions, stable and monotonic beats, who burst on violent, hot, expressive and nervous explosions make a driving, splendid and solid rhythmic section. All three musicians are sensitive – they always react to each other’s playing. Spontaneous solos, stunning surprises, sudden turns, driving and vibrant mood create original, expressive and incredible sound.


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