Ben Bennett, Zach Darrup, Jack Wright – “Never” (Palliative Records, 2018)

“Never” was released by “Palliative Records” on 2018. Album was recorded by Jack Wright (saxophones), Zach Darrup (guitar) and Ben Bennett (percussion). Three musicians are experienced and famous in international avant-garde jazz scene. Their music is based on traditions and various styles of avant-garde jazz. All three improvisers have their own sound, unique playing manner, suggestive style and expression. Expressive and hot playing manner, moving blow outs, splendid and roaring riffs, bright and tremendous melodies or subtle free improvisations – musicians create huge palette of colors, sounds and styles. They are using shocking ways of playing, the newest tendencies of avant-garde jazz, experimental playing techniques and other unconventional ways of playing. These elements are moderate together with roots of avant-garde jazz. Growling, buzzing, roaring or tremendous solos are filled with hot playing manner, difficult structure, open form and spontaneous decisions. Together trio creates remarkable and dynamic sound.

“Never” is a little bit different from the other albums released by these musicians. The album is a nice fusion of avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical, experimental or minimalistic music. Free, creative, experimental jazz, modern jazz styles, fusion, cool, progressive and contemporary jazz are connected together with minimalism, academic avant-garde, electronics and experimental music. That makes an effort to whole sound – musicians combine all authentic and pure elements in organic, bright and colorful musical pattern. Rare combos, exotic pairs, eclectic stylistic combinations and incredible instrumentation are created in all compositions. The music is bright and dynamic – ot’s changing all the time. Sharp and aggressive bebop meets turbulent and radiant free improvisations, cool and calm pieces – growling, hot and frantic culminations. There armuch more contrasts in every section – abstract and colorful free improvisations are against weird and outrageous timbres, sound experiments, special effects and huge variety of experimental or minimalistic music. Repetitive series of rhythms and chords are used frequently as a method of composing. It brings primitive structure, simple musical language and meditative mood in some pieces. Ambient tunes, special effects, gorgeous timbres, luminous solos and individual melodies form multi-colorful, bright and universal musical pattern, who contains all different and contrasting parts of music. Jack Wright is a great saxophonist – he’s giving the main tune to the melodic line. Bright, scandalous, crazy or meditative, slow and calm – saxophone melodies all the time are effecting whole sound, mood and character of all composition. It indicates all sectionsof musical language – change the mood, rhythmic section, facture, timbres, dynamics and expressions. Jack Wright is the master of unpredictable, surprising and spontaneous improvising. His playing technique is suggestive and expressive, very well combined with hot, bright, tremendous and aggressive playing manner. From calm, retrospectable, slow and dreamy mood saxophone is bursting on hot spills, terrific and frantic bursts of energy, radical turns and shocking musical decisions. Charming melodies, flowing and furiously rapid passages, dizzy glissando, colorful and specific coloristics, roaring and aggressive blow outs, growls, roars, buzzs – all these elements are just a little part of saxophone’s improvisations. Meditative, primitive, slow and depressive mood is here from time to time – it has minimalistic structure, simple form, traditional harmony and series of chords or rhythms. Zach Darrup is interesting and original guitarist. His style is expressive and bright. Hot and intense playing manner is combined all together with light, passionate, gorgeous, slow or melancholic solos, energetic spills of energy, harsh tunes, huge variety of weird timbres and expressions. Here guitarist shows the best knownledge – he masterfully switches between different techniques, expressions and methods of coposing. Musical pattern is based on melodic line, which is dynamic and active. Sometimes is sparkling, light and or even scandalous, sometimes – calm, depressive, abandoned or deep in certain pieces. It makes an effort to whole album – brings drive, energy and passion to the music, as well as make a great combo with moving and tremendous saxophone. Ben Bennett is experienced drummer. He has initeresting and evocative playing style. Here he’s the leader of drums section. It’s sparkling ,gorgeous and colorful all the time – talented and expressive drummer manages to get together absolutely contrasting pieces, rhythms and instruments. He likes rare combos, experimental ways of playing and huge variaty of styles, colors and expressions. His rhythmic secrtion is independent, strong and bright – it’s based on intense timbres, slow and loud beats, trembling tunes who grow directly to roaring culminations, terrific rolls, passionate and light pieces or scandalous, turbulent and simply crazy free improvisations, who also are filled with gorgeous percussion’s timbres. All music of this album is played with pleasure, sense, drive and passion – it has innovative and bright sound.

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