Burrows​/​Campbell​/​Golia​/​Reed – “Tales from the Zoo” (Third Rail Music, 2018)

“Tales from the Zoo” was released by “Third Rail Music” on 2018. Album was recorded by a great quartet – it’s Vinny Golia (Soprano Saxophone, Sopranino Saxophone, Piccolo Flute, Bass Clarinet), Jared Burrows (Guitar), Clyde Reed (Bass) and Greg Campbell (Percussion, Cornet, Drums). Energetic, radiante, evocative and expressive – that’s the main elements who contain the compositions of this quartet. The musicians are improvising spontaneosly = their music is filled with driving and breaking solos, touching melodies, astonishing riffs, sound experiments and dozens of weird timbres and special effects. Musicians are improvising with pleasure, expression and passion. They like to use dozens of different playing techniques – new ones gently fit with traditional or experimental ways of playing. Each improviser has its own sound and manner. Exceptional style of improvising, gorgeous timbres, specific and original manner, suggestive playing, bright and evocative mood – all these elements make a huge effort to whole sound. The improvisers don’t hesitate to make strange, weird, crazy or simply surprising experiments or inventive musical decisions. Their collective improvisations are the real bursts of energy, radiancy, expression, drive, passion and brightness.

“Tales from the Zoo” really is great collaboration of four impressive jazz masters. Each of them is demonstrating his own sound and innovative style. Expressions, inventive and shocking musical decisions, experiments, eclectic stylistic or instrumental combos, virageous ornaments, furiously dizzy passages make rich, colorful and multi-compounded musical pattern. Album is filled with passions, expression, drive and extremely hot spills of energy. The stylistic variety is wide and rich. The basics of avant-garde and experimental jazz are connected with modern jazz styles, experimental, contemporary academical music and academic avant-garde. The intonations of modern jazz styles, such as bebop, post bop and etc., are gently fused with other elements of progressive, cool, contemporary or even traditional jazz styles. Though the album has wide range of styles, the base of it still rests the same – it’s avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and experimental jazz. All the other styles are used purely and genuinely, but their soft intonations are made to bright accents of the pattern or contrasting excerpts. There’s no element, who would be used purely and wouldn’t be connected with the other styles – the musicians gently and organically connect all the elements in one place in sensible and gorgeous way. Musicians pay attention to everything – they are seeking for precise playing technique, masterful virtuosity, best quality of sound, as well as innovative, surprising and exceptional sound. All that they manage to combine very well – their music is filled with doznes of emotions, expressions, unusual timbres and experimental ways of playing. Wild imagination, creativity, passion and fantasy make the musicians to free, great and impressive experimentators, who always search and create something new, dynamic and evocative. The aim of the improvisations isn’t to create remarkable melodic line or standart collective improvisation. Each improviser is improvising with drive and passion – all members have the liberty to make spontaneous changes, expand the abilities of instruments, find specific or home-made ways of playing or make rare, exotic and interesting combo. The music is always in change – sharp, “bopish”, moving and aggressive solos, influenced by modern jazz styles, bring dynamic and vital mood. Reeds melodies are dynamic and virtuosic. Passionate solos, expressive, abstract and emotional melodies, roaring blow outs, growling and buzzing excerpts, trembing and vibrant pieces, shrieky and long low tunes, breaking sessions, dizzy passages or furiously fast solos – wide range of expressions contain the main base of saxophones and clarinets improvisations by Vinny Golia. Moving, rapid and intense guitar leads the main tune of melodic line along with reeds. The duos of saxophones, clarinets or other reeds with guitar have suggestive, hot, expressive and tremendous sound. Guitar has a heavy hard core, who is frequently changed by free improvisations, breaking sessions, dynamic and variable rhythmic series or solid and bright rhythmic line. Sound experiments, special effects, inventive msuical decisions, strange timbres and vivacious sounds are important to whole pattern. Solid, deep and dark bass by Clyde Reed keep strong bass line. The improvisations are subtle, soft and dynamic. Repetitive tunes, sequences of chords or rhythms, soft hqarmony, abstract rhythms or gorgeous timbres contain independent and gorgeous background along with percussion, piccolo flute and drums. Cornet is bright, moving and radiante – its dizzy solos, charming melodies, bright and furious passages, vibrant blow outs, hot growls, aggressive buzzings and turbulent spills of energy keep strong, hot and emotioal melodic line and main mood. Cornet, as well as percussion and drums, is played by Greg Campbell. He’s the leader of drums section. It’s aggressive, unpredictable, vivid, dynamic and tremendous – just like the rest of the album. Drums section is strongly contrasting with melodic line. It has its own character and mood. All sections and layers are absolutely independent from each other – it still is gently brought up together by sensitive, experienced and bright musicians. Hot sparkles, passionate solos, tremendous rolls, loud fanfars, gorgeous glissando, soft and colorful percussion, rare combos, aggressive and breaking sessions, driving and turbulent culminations – drums section is contained from dozens of different playing techniques and expressions. All musicians are improvising with fantasy and wild imagination – they make crazy ideas, rare combos, exotic pairs and fascinating experiments. From tremendous and sparkling culminations their music suddenly gets to calm, relaxing, abstract and peaceful mood, vivid solos, expressive, aggressive and roaring collective improvisations or silent pauses. All album has bright and interesting sound.

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