Satoko Fuji / Yuko Yamaoka – “Diary 2005-2015: Tuko Yamaoka plays the music of Satoko Fujii [2 CDs]” (Libra, 2018)

Fujii, Satoko / Yuko Yamaoka: Diary 2005-2015: Tuko Yamaoka plays the music of Satoko Fujii [2 CDs] (Libra)

“Diary 2005-2015: Tuko Yamaoka plays the music of Satoko Fujii [2 CDs]” was released by “Libra Records” on 2018. The compositions by Satoko Fuji was recorded by pianist Yuko Yamaoka. Satoko Fuji is talented and inventive Japan pianist, composer, imporviser and experimentator. Her compositions always are filled with special effects, acoustics and electronics instrumental pairs, rare combos and innovations. The composer pays attention to the musical language – she always creates difficult, multi-layed, polyphonic and extraordinary musical language and musical pattern. The music is emotional and bright – the traditions of American avant-garde jazz are fused together with Japan ethnic music, Asian music harmony, rhythms and other similar elements. Authentic and artsy synthesis is like a bridge, who connects absolutely different cultures, music styles and all its elements. Satoko Fuji is famous at international jazz scene. She had been collaborating and improvising with dozens of famous jazz improvisers and ensembles of world-wide scene. Yuko Yamayoka is another one great pianist from Japan. Her improvisations are based on free improvisation, avant-garde jazz, experimental music and intonations of ethnic Japan music. The compositions are bright, intense and dynamic – it has expressive, passioneta, driving and remarkable sound.

“Diary 2005-2015: Tuko Yamaoka plays the music of Satoko Fujii [2 CDs]” was released by “Libra Records” is a retrospective of the compositions of Satoko Fuji. The compositions were written and arranged at various times. It’s a great occasion to hear and compare the compositions of various periods, created by this great and talented Japan pianist. Yuko Yamayoka has a marvelous playing technique. Virageous passages, dizzy glissando, marvelous special effects, impressive and flowing melodies, special effects and dozens of different moods, extractions and characters. Each compositions has its own character and motion. Abstract and subtle, soft and relaxing, poor and abandoned or – glimpsy, sparkling and impressive – there’s a huge spectre of different moods who are gently combined in one pattern. Bordering dynamics, special effects, sound experiments, colorful chords, pitches or strange intervals, dynamic rhythmic, open form and abstract structure contain main base of compositions. Gentle and light solos are changed by rigorous culminations, angry and sharp sequences of disonances or breaking, solid, stable or dynamic rhythmic sessions. That makes an effort to hypnothic, meditative and suggestive sound. The music of this album is based on synthesis between different styles and elements. Wide spectre of styles and genres make a huge amount of colors. Experimental music, Japan improvisational music, free improvisation, the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz, the innovations of contemporary avant-garde jazz, academic avant-garde, Western Europe contemporary academical music – so wide variety of styles and genres makes an effort to unpredictable, rich and colorful sound. The compositions are always in change, who are used and mixed silmunateously. Gentle solos meet the aggressive and hot spills, expressive sparkles, brave and ambitious sound experiments, inventive ideas or subtle and relaxing searches of new timbres or combos of chords. Yuko Yamayoka impressively mixes up suggestive playing style, expressive and passionate playing manner, drive, fantasy, imagination and inventive point of view. She manages to create new and extraordinary sound of Satoko Fuji’s music. Her aim isn’t just to repeate the notes and melodies – by using the material, Yuko Yamayoka recovers new fields and unheard tunes and lets the listener to hear the compositions in new and impressive way. Expressive, passionate, tremendous culminations or slow, relaxing and subtle pieces – pianist pays much of attention to the emotions and its expressions. Joyful and light passages go straight to deep and solemn, bright and driving, roaring and terrific culminations, cosy and warm excerpts or weird, outrageous and crazy ideas. The music of this album has incredible, sensible, authentic and bright sound.

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