Takashi Sugawa Trio – “Outgrowing” (JPT, 2018)

“Outgrowing” was released by “JPT” label on 2018. Album was reocrded by “Takashi Sugawa Trio”. This trio is formed from three great and creative jazz masters. All of them have their own style, unique sound and surprising ways of improvising. Takashi Sugawa (contrabass (02, 05, 07), cello (01, 03, 04, 06, 08), Leo Genovese (piano) and Tom Rainey (drums) are playing together in free collective improvisations. Musicians had been improvising together many times in various combos with other jazz masters. Their music is a burst of energy. Hot spills, moving solos, passionate melodies, all mixed up with expression, pressure, intensivity and radiance energy. Avant-garde jazz and modern jazz styles make the base of most part of compositions. Complicated and furious solos of bebop, post bop and hard bop are connected with turbulent free improvisations, gorgeous timbres, special effects, bright and moving culminations, dizzy passages and crazy wild roulades. Musicians are improvising creatively – they use expressive, inventive and extraordinary wats of playing. Their music is filled with remarkable melodies, driving breaking sessions and tremendous tunes.

Trio has its own, expressive and very well known playing style, who is heard all the time in “Outgrowing”. This album recovers all the main elements of each improviser’s style. Dynamica and moving musical pattern has dozens of colors, universal arsenal of instrumentation, wide range of expressions and timbres. The musical facture is colorful and expressive – ornaments, passages, abbreviations, blow outs, vibrations, trembling solos, tweets, glissando and various special effects contain the main base of it. Musicians manage to find the suitable combo of all the most important elements – vibrant and tremendous playing style, expressive and precise playing technique, the best quality of sound, effective and vivacious melodies, solid basements, who highly contrasting with each other, and other important elements are brought together in creative and original way. The musicians are using they wide imagination, fantasy and spontanity – they improvise free, expressive, passionate and wild free. Improvisations are dynamic and expressive. Leo Genovese piano improvisations are dynamic and bright. Pianist travels through wild, frantic and aggressive mood to subtle, silent and relaxing. He tries out experimental ways of playing, combines hot playing manner with free improvisation, harsh and furious solos. Leo Genovese has hot, expressive and tremendous playing manner. He’s experimenting in various cases of musical language. Loud, expressive and heavy bursts of energy, frantic scandals, passionate and charming melodies, vivid and free rhythmic improvisations and subtle excerpts base the music of the album. Relaxing and peaceful solos suddenly go straight to luminous, powerful and bright culminations, soft timbres -to sharp and aggressive tunes, furious and wild passages – to expressive, joy, dizzy and light passages or terrific roulades. That makes an effort to interesting and energetic sound. The piano really makes an effort to whole sound. It keeps the melodic line, colorfully illustrates it with coloristics, special effects, timbres and rhythms and creates dynamic and terrific mood. Pianist shows his wide range of styles, manners, techniques and moods. He gently goes from the vivid and bright mood to lyric, melodic and solemn, aggressive and scandalous, or simply light, dreamy or romantic. It gives the main tune to impros of whole album. Takashi Sugawa is a great bassist and cellist. His cello melodies effectively sound together with piano – it’s the most beautiful episodes of whole album. Twirlings, swiftlings, shrieky and harsh tunes, gentle and light pizzicatto, flowing and dizzy passages or deep, melodic and moving melodies. All wide range of cello technical abilities is revealed in these improvisations. Bass also keeps its important function – form and lead the main bass line all the time. Repetitive vibrant and deep tunes, trembling solos, intense noises or weird timbres contain the main part of the improvisations. Musician reveals his best abilities in cello and piano duos. Two musicians are very sensitive to each other’s playing. If the piano rises up, cello burst in sparkling, light and vivid solos, when two instruments gets camn, relaxing, lyric and contemplative or rise to turbulent and marvelous collective improvisations. Sometimes it seems a little chaotic, but never get out of order. Musicians are improvising independently, but still manage to join together all sounds, themes and tunes. Tom Rainey leads the drums section. It’s stable and firm. The rhythms of modern jazz are mostly used here and combined together with free improvisation. Breaking sessions, vibrant sounds, heavy beats, complicated rhythms and rolling drum rolls are mixed up with gorgeous and colorful percussion. The music of this album is dynamic and vivid, it has modern and passionate sound.

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