Achim Kaufmann, Torsten Müller, and Dylan van der Schyff – “Cicatrices Intérieure” (Whirlboom, 2019)

“Cicatrices Intérieure” is one of the freshest release of 2019 – it was released on January 15 by “Whirlboom Records”. Album was recorded by three great jazz masters – Achim Kaufmann (piano), Torsten Müller (contrabass) and Dylan van der Schyff (drums and percussion). These three musicians are famous at international avant-garde jazz scene. They have dynamic and effective improvising style, exciting playing manner and expressive sound. REach of them is making a priority to search and creation of new and innovative avant-garde jazz. The music is based on avant-garde and experimental jazz, but still has many relations with other jazz styles. Bebop, post bop, other modern jazz styles are gently connected with experimental music and some elements of academic avant-garde. Musicians had been improvising together in various combos – they are collaborating with other famous and talented jazz masters. The improvisations of this trio are the bursts of energy, silmunateously connected with subtle searches of unusual sounds and timbres, relaxing moods and played with passion, drive and emotion.

“Cicatrices Intérieure”  is filled with fresh ideas, engaging improvisations and expressive sound. The album joins together three great jazz masters with individual point of view and unique sound. Improvisations have intense and moving mood for the most of the time, who is switching to subtle, relaxing or silent excerpts. The contrasts of different pieces is the main principe of composing. Musicians sense each other very-well – if one of them get on sparkling and moving solos, others two also add some effective elements or ways of playing. Together musicians create rich and evocative musical pattern. It’s multi-layed, formed from dozens compounds, colors, moods and techniques. Incredible instrumentation join together traditional and experimental ways of playing. The open form, abstract basics, no strict frames or rules get musicians to the space of spontaneous, fascinating and impressive musical experiments. Music is very interesting in stylistic way. Roots of 1960’s or 1970’s avant-garde jazz, basics of improvising and typical improvising elements of free jazz are used together with musicians own and experimental ways of playing, effective playing techniques, colorful and grogeous expressions, bordering dynamics, vivacious and variable harmony and breaking rhythmic sessions. The piano solos of Achim Kaufmann are moody and bright. Improviser is full fresh and inventive ideas of improvising. He’s masterfully using unconventional ways of improvising, shocking ways of playing and rich variety of expressions and moods. He likes spontanity and improvising in the spot. That’s why his improvisations are more similsr to free spot of games or playground. Noisy, shrieky, low, deep, tight and aggressive, intense or soft – improviser always search for new and unusual timbres and its original extraction by piano. Roaring solos, humorous, passionate, melodic or tremendous melodies, risky combos, charming passages, enchanting and breaking roulades, abstract tunes or sounds sequences are brought together in effective and interesting way. Torsten Müller is another one great bassist. His contrabass improvisations are subtle and engaging at the same time. Improviser knows dozens of playing techniques and expressions, who are used in shocking, scandalous or frantic way. Adventurous and ambitious experiments is the key of his compositions. Bassist doesn’t stay on one mood – his solos are always in change. It goes to another mood, color or another character. Subtle tunes, weird noises, ambient sounds, weird timbres are used all together with dynamic, deep and slow solos or moving, trembling and terrific culminations. Dylan van der Schyff is leading the drums and percussion section. Musician masterfully get together bright energy’s explosions, vivid and moving solos, trembling and loud drum rolls, dramatic and turbulent culminations, numerous of typical rhythmic forms of various modern jazz styles. The album has independent rhythmic and harmonic section – it’s highly contrasting with each other anf make an impressive and bright sound.

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