EurOpus | GoetheJazz | Hans Lüdemann TransEuropeExpress – “Poly Jazz” (BMC, 2018)

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“Poly Jazz” was released on 2018 by “BMC Records”. Album was recorded by “TransEuropeExpress” – it’s an innovative, expressive and interesting avant-garde jazz ensemble who join together great musicians of Germany and France. Ensemble was formed on 2013 – its bright, new and fresh musical decisions and exceptional sound is the main element, why ensemble became famous at international avant-garde jazz scene. Here’s together playing Hans Lüdemann (piano and virtual piano), Yves Robert (trombone), Silke Eberhard (alto saxophone, bass clarinet), Silke Eberhard (alto saxophone, bass clarinet), Théo Ceccaldi (violin), Ronny Graupe (guitar), Sébastien Boisseau (double bass) and Dejan Terzic (drums, percussion). Ensemble is playing with drive, energy and passion. Their improvisations have difficult and multi-layed structure, electronics, experimental music and free improvisation are brought together in one place. Musicians are experimenting in various cases and fields – they like to make eclectic combos, weird sounds, special effects, create tremendous and charming solos or admiring melodies. Their music is a great result of collaboration of great and creative jazz masters, who always want to create and search something innovative and new.

“Poly Jazz” has enchanting sound, expressive musical language and engaging free improvisations. The musicians manage to join together wide range of styles. The compositions connect together avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, modern and contemporary jazz styles, electronics, contemporary academical music, academic avant-garde and experimental music. This huge stylistic variety also brings wide palette of colors, themes, timbres and moods. Musicians like to fuse together contrasts and expressive xompounds – each of them always has individual sound. Each improviser has its ow nand unique style – the music is engaging, charming, enchanting and driving. Musicians are paying attention to everything – it seems that where’s no element, who wouldn’t be important. The best sound quality, precise and suggestive playing, expression of moods, dynamic turns from one mood to another, exotic and eclectic combos of styles, innovative instrumentation, rich musical language, admiring and driving melodies, sounds experiments, special effects, combo of electronics and acoustics and certainly – space for free, bright and moving improvisation for each musician. Musicians manage to join all these elements to one place – that’s how great and interesting result is created. Musical pattern is polyphonic and multi-colorful – it’s formed from dozens of different compounds. The bordering dynamics, wide and universal kit of instrumentation, expression of moods, sudden changes and passionate turns – musicians surely know how to create effective and interesting sound. They also are using huge range of composing techniques – home-made, specific or unique techniques are combined with sounds or chords sequences, repetitive rhythmic or melodic series, serialism, polyphony and various electronics. The musical language is joyful and vivid – it’s changing and twisting all the time. Piano and virtual piano melodies gently got together. Natural and warm piano is filled with energetic and passionate solos, vivid melodies, admiring, shrieky and bright culminations and breaking sessions of chords or rhythms. Virtual piano has snthetic, unusual and modern sound. Alterated tunes, modified timbres, sonic system’s experiments and other special effects are used here. It creates an effective coloristic background to the piano melodies, who frequently leads the main mood and melodic line. Ambitious, aggressive and angry melodies filled with gorgeous timbres, harsh and sharp chords sequences, loud and powerful culminations, dizzy passages and rolling roulades really makes an effort to whole sound. Reeds are charming and expressive. Different kinds of saxophones and clarinets are moving and bright, or very calm, lyric and relaxing. It’s gently fit together with trombone, who forms strong and solid bass line and has a deep, loud and bright tunes, who slowly moving together with active and sparkling reeds solos. Strings section is formed from violin, guitar and double bass. All these instruments bring different intonations to the music. Shrieky, scandalous and drmatic violin solos along with deep, heavy and solid trombone create glorious and suggestive mood. Loud, dramatic and harsh solos, passionate and light pizzicatto, furious scandals or soft pauses of violin also brings the soft intonations of contemporary academical music. Double bass is soft, subtle and deep – it’s keeping bright and intense bass line along with trombone or bursts into sparkling, twiasting and engaging solos, light and charming passages, soft and playful pizzicatto. Guitar brings vivid and driving mood – it’s mopstly filled with expressive, touching and terrific solos, flowing and remarkable melodies, soft harmony and intense sound. Percussion and drums are energetic and solid – it’s multi-layed and colorful. Dozens of colors, sounds and rhythms are used here. Roaring solos, loud and trembling rolls, fusious fast passages, colorful glissando, special effects or specific timbres of home-made instruments and percussions – all these elements form independent and intense drums section. All musicians are improvising just marvelous – their music is suggestive, engaging, innovative and expressive. Together they get on adventurous and risky collective improvisations. It’s the most effective and tremendous episodes – here each improviser shows his best, jumps on spontaneous solos, tremendous bursts of energy, driving melodies or simply beautiful combos of timbres or sounds. The music is expressive, innovative and bright.

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