Giovanni Cristino, Walter Forestiere, Francesco Massaro – “Undergrowth” (Creative Sources, 2018)

“Undergrowth” was released on 2018 by “Creative Sources” label. Album was recorded by great trio – Francesco Massaro (alto sax, bass clarinet, turkish clarinet, harmonica), Giovanni Cristino (prepared and unprepared acoustic piano, objects) and Walter Forestiere (drums, percussions and variable sonic objects). Free improvisations of this trio are energetic, moving, wild and expressive. Drive, vital energy, vivid and hot playing manner, free and spontaneous improvising, rich musical language – that’s the main elements of all musicians playing style. Shocking experiments, terrific blow outs, specific timbres, exotic combos, strange forms – musicians really know how to reach fascinating and surprising sound, by using millions of new and fresh ideas. Each musician is very well known at international avant-garde jazz scene. Musicians keep the main traditions of avant-garde jazz – free and experimental jazz and its streams always rest the main base of music. Traditions are gently fused with innovative and evocative things – it makes splendid and bright sound.

“Undergrowth” has rich musical language, remarkable sound and dynamic mood. The compositions are based on avant-garde, free and experimental jazz. There a huge influenze of modern jazz styles – hot and expressive solos with complicated rhythmic and aggressive mood are the bright accents of bebop, post bop ,hard bop and other elements. The music also is related with academic avant garde and experimental music. Improvisers like to search for new sounds, innovative playing techniques, touching expressions and modern ways of improvising. The music is inspiring and bright – it’s constructed from millions of small contrasting pieces. All of them are joined together in interesting and organic way. Musicians are improvising cordially, warmly and emotionally – their music is expressive, driving and wild furious from time to time. Trio doesn’t hesitate to make eclectic combo, sudden changes, express dozens of motions or characters. The instrumentation is based on great synthesis of acoustics, prepared and unprepared instruments, electronics, synthetic noises and various objects. Innovations, fresh and new ways of playing are used all together with traditional playing techniques. Staccato, pizzicatto, glissando, roulades, blow outs, arpeggios and etc. – that’s just a small part of conventional techniques who are heard in this album. Musical pattern is bright, luminous and tremendous. Solid melodic section is leaded by reeds. Francesco Massaro virtuosically improvise with clarinets and saxophones of various types. He adds harmonica from time to time – this rarely used instrument always bring exotic and modern sound. Improviser switches from one mood to another – he has exceptional and bright playing style. Emotional, touching, expressive and passionate improvisations are free, abstract and engaging. Terrific and sparkling solos, vibrant timbres, luminous and roaring blow outs, various traditional ways of improvising gently fit with own and innovative playing techniques. Avant-garde and modern jazz is gently combined together with the exceptional traditions of European avant-garde jazz, some intonations of ethnic European music. Some soft elements of Turkish music gently ornament melodic line – it brings hot, vital and exotic mood. Moving solos, flowing remarkable melodies, passionate and warm mood, roaring bursts of energy, breaking sessions, charming and furious passages – that’s the main elements of his improvisations. Giovanni Cristino creates bright and evocative sound by prepared and unprepared piano. Bright and intense souns, vital melodies, eclectic combo, sound experiments and search of unusual timbres relate this music to experimental. Improviser gently combines serialism, puantilism, other composing techniques of modernism with free form, abstract structure and spontaneous improvisation. The improvisations mostly have vivid and light mood – expressive melodies are accompagnied by breaking sessions, repetitive rhythms, aggressive series of chords, flowing and furiously fast passages, wild and free pieces and other elements. Piano and reeds keep strong, bright and solid melodic line. It also gently go together and create main mood of album. Walter Forestiere is an excellent drummer. Just like other two musicians of the trio, he likes to combine ambitious and adventurous decisions, rapid solos, driving sessions, heavy hard core, light and passionate solos, sharp, aggressive and modern rhythms, repetitive series, luminous fanfars, terryfying scandals and other elements. All these things make his drum section bright, effective and turbulent. Musicians are improvising just marvelous- they have impressive playing technique, passion, how expression, drive and energy to create a remarkable result.




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