John Dikeman, Brandon Lopez, Onno Govaert – “Those Impossible Creatures” (Sonorus Records, 2018)

“Those Impossible Creatures” is a release of 2018, which was released by “Sonorus Records”. Album was recorded by John Dikeman (tenor saxophone), Brandon Lopez (double bass) and Onno Govaert (drums). Collaboration brought together three great jazz masters – each of them is unique, independent and creative. The musicians base their music on shocking experiments, the newest tendencies and traditions of avant-garde jazz. Roots of 1960’s, the ideas of famous jazz corifees, wild and furious free improvisations and fascinating experiments – musicians gently brought together numerous of different styles and sounds. Jazz masters are famous at world-wide avant-garde jazz scene – they had been playing and collaborating with other famous and interesting improvisers. Innovative point of view is the main reason, why these musicians are famous – they don’t hesitate to use shocking, crazy, weird or simply wild decisions, extract strange timbres or dive in fabulous and surprising adventures. The avant-garde jazz is connected with other styles, eclectic combo, unconventional principes, new forms and evocative ways of improvising.

“Those Impossible Creatures” has expressive and energetic sound. Musicians are experimenting in all fields of musical language – they create new sounds, expressions and timbres, express dozens of motions and invent innovative ways of playing. The music is based on avant-garde jazz, who has a strong influenze of modern jazz. Bebop, hard bop and neo bop make a strong and solif equation with furious, shrieky, turbueltn and impressive free improvisations. There’s also are soft and slow pieces – these episodes are mostly related to cool, contemporary or progressive jazz, as well as experimental music and academic avant-garde. Musicians create dynamic solos, collective improvisations, marvelous passages, roaring blow outs and other fascinating elements. That’s the basics of the music. Improvisers don’t hesitate to search for evocative or weird timbres, switch innovative and traditional playing techniques, add special effects or interesting timbres. This album is filled with everything – there are gorgeous timbres, remarkable melodies, gentle episodes who grow directly to furious and shrieky culminations or spontaneous decisions. It’s filled with contrasts – after slow, romantic and relaxing piece musician go straight to sparkling bursts of energy, dizzy solos or repetitive rhythms sessions. Dynamity, silmunateous changes and contrasts create an exceptional musical pattern. It’s many-layed, multi-colorful and has dozens of different factures and forms. Sharp harmony is filled with repetitive sequences of dissonances, aggressive and dramatic chords. It meets the soft and calm consonances, who bring relaxing, calm, meditative and solemn mood. Abstract facture is firmed from polyphonic and homophonic episodes. Several independent melodies, who have its own tune and remarkable sound, are played at the same time in collective improvisations. It’s furious, sparkling, rbgiht, luminous and passionate – collective improvisations are the most driving, impressive and effective places of this album. Abstract episodes are different. It’s calm and relaxing, frequently gets depressive, gloomy, or – romantic, subtle and dreamy. It’s like the other side of album. Both sides have its own sound and character – moving and charming tenor saxophone and frantic drums session are more heard at collective improvisations. Double bass is the most effective and remarkable at subtle and lyric episodes. That’s the place, where the technical abilities and sound experiments are made the most. It makes cosmic, enchanting and original sound. Tenor saxophone by John Dikeman is moving, aggressive and driving. Improviser is playing with passion and drive – he’s got hot and sharp playing manner. Touching solos, tremendous melodies, turbueltn culminations, silent and calm downs who go to bright, luminous and dramatic culminations – these elements are the main part of the compositions. Sound experiments, special effects, colorful, dizzy and charming passages, glissando, tremolo, vibrant and roaring blow outs – it’s just a part of effective and marvelous elements, who create vibrant and bright sound. Tenor saxophone keeps the main melodie – it gives the main tune, mood and character to it and surely is the most important instrument of whole melodic section. Double bass bu Brandon Lopez is very dynamic and vital. Deep and slow tunes are repeated again and again – that’s how solid bass line is created. It goes splendidly with gorgeous timbres, sound experiments, extended techniques, glissando, pizzicatto, staccato, tremolo, arpeggio and other similar effects and playing techniques. There are also subtle and moving solos – sometimes it’s pathetic, relaxing or subtle, sometimes filled with flowing melodies, rapid and enchanting solos, dizzy and bursting passages, ambiant timbres or other elements. Double bass colors the melodic base, create solid and interesting background and maintain the bass line. Onno Govaert creates an impressive and remarkable drums section. It’s full of breaking sessions, repetitive series of rhythms, trembling drum rolls, loud fanfars, vibrant arpeggio, sharp and aggressive bursts, turbulent explosions or simply free, driving and passionate free improvisations. Drum section is the contrast to melodic section – both sections are individual, bright, luminous and vibrant, accompanied with colorful background. The music of this album is remarkable and modern.

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