Charlotte Hug – “SON​-​ICON MUSIC – Orchestra And Choral Works” (Fundacja Sluchaj, 2018)

“SON​-​ICON MUSIC – Orchestra And Choral Works” is a new release of “Fundacja Sluchaj” records. Album was recorded, mastered and conducted by Charlotte Hug and various players. The music was recorded by “Lucerne Festival Academy” and “Via-Nove Choir Munich”. These collectives are based on young and talented players and improvisers. The music is bright, evocative and extraordinary. Charlotte Hug is a talented and innovative composer, who has exceptional musical language and original playing technique. She uses dozens of unusual combos, exotic stylistic pairs and bright contrasts to make exclaming, evocative and original sound. The synthesis of classical music, main basics of Western Europe music and free improvisation is the key of Charlotte’s Hug’s compositions. Composer gently fuses together strict polyphony, main elements of renaissance, baroque and classicism all together with traditional forms, innovative instrumentation, special effects, electronics and other innovations of musical language. Each musician has his own sound and an opportunity to play free, individually and spontaneously. Her musical language is rich and expressive, it’s like the bridge who joins together classical music, its conventions and free improvisation, academic avant-garde and other styles of contemporary academical music. That makes an effort to multi-colorful, effective and bright sound.

“SON​-​ICON MUSIC – Orchestra And Choral Works” has enchanting and interesting sound. All music is based on the basics and strict forms of Western Europe classical and modern music. Charlotte Hug gently combines together polyphony, homophony, the main elements of Renaissance and Baroque music, strict and traditional classicism and the excerpts from various chorals. The music has synthesized form, who is changing all the time along with the mood and music – sometimes it’s strict and quadratic, sometimes – free, open and abstract. The compositions of this album have an exceptional and marvelous sound because of original point ofview, unique composing technique and suggestive playing technique of all players. Music is very bright and illustrative – composer likes to beautify whole music with abbreviations, coloristic elements and special effects. This method is called “music drawings”. Composer tries to express huge range of emotions, moods, timbres, sounds and other elements of musical language. Charlotte Hug doesn;t hesitate to experiment in all ways of musical language. She tries out new, schocking and scandalous ways of playing, electronics, innovations of contemporary academical music, special effects, weird timbres or simply crazy, weird and extraordinary ideas. Composer doesn’t hesitate to make eclectic, exotic, weird or interesting combos. Her music is exceptional in many ways and aspects, but the most – the marvelous ability of the composer to base the music on main basics of classical music and modifie the sound in shocking, organic and surprising way. Though the compositions are based on classical music and very well-known playing techniques, the music doesn’t have a typical sound of classical music. It’s wild, roaring, tremendous and sparkling mix, where together meet academic avant-garde, free improvisation, experimental music and the citations of various chorals and polyphonic compositions of Baroque and Renaissance. This masterful synthesis helps Charlotte Hug to create incredible, dynamic and interesting sound, multi-colorful and rich musical pattern, multi-layed facture and solid melodic and rhythmic base. The sound is changing all the time – from vivid, gentle and bright it gets to weird and abandoned, cold and synthetic, depressed and solemn, deep, tight and repetitive, meditative, cosmic or simply gorgeous. Composer expands the traditional zone of sounds and timbres – modified tunes, alterated timbres, sonic system’s experiments, special effects, adventurous and innovative ways of playing show the  huge scale of weird and extraordinary sounds of instruments. The music is bright and fulfilled with strong contrasts – each musician is improvising differently from the others. Sparkling and tremendous solos, relaxing, cosmic or depressed pieces, cold and sharp timbres, warm intonations, gentle, light and vivid melodies, surprising and adventurous glissando, rolling and blowing riffs, harsh and shrieky tunes, soft pizzicatto, deep bass line, contrasting harmony, dynamic rhythmic and dozens of spontaneous musical decisions contain main part of compositions. This album is a great combo of strict and conventional classical music, which is gently mixed together with modern innovations, interesting ways of playing, fascinating sound experiments and free improvisations. Charlotte Hug manages to create splendid, bright, exceptional and innovative sound.



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