The Best of Contemporary Classical and Academic Avant-garde TOP 10 of 2018.

Susijęs vaizdas

On the last day of 2018’s, it’s very interesting to choose the albums, who were the best, productive and the most innovative. There were many good, astonishing and modern albums and talented composers in 2018. Their music is based on modern innovations, synthesis of acoustics and electronics, search of unusual timbres, extravagant, surprising, crazy or simply gorgeous instrumentation, eclectic combos and bright, frsh and evocative ideas. Here’s the TOP 10 of the best albums of academic avant-garde, which was released in 2018:

1.    Jeff Morris/Karl Berger/Joe Hertenstein – ‘Interfaces: Jazz Meets Electronics’ (Ravelo, 2018)

2.    Malin Bang/Curious Chamber Players/UmeDuo/Karin Helqvist – “Structures of Light and Spruce” (Neos, 2018)

3.    Eric Moe – “Uncanny Affable Machines” (New Focus Recordings, 2018)

4.    The Third Sound Ensemble|Sooyun Kim| Joshua Rubin|Karen Kim|Michael Nicolas| Orion Weiss|Patrick Castillo – ” Wang Lu: Urban Inventory” (New Focus Recordings, 2018)

5.    Transient Canvas – “Wired” (New Focus Recordings, 2018)

6.    Norvald Dahl Organic Chamber – “Organic Chambre” (AMP Music Records, 2018)

7.    WeFreeStrings – “Fulfillment” (2018)

8.    David Lang – “writing on water” (Cantaloupe Music, 2018)

9.    Gunnar Geisse – “The Wannsee Recordings” (NEOS, 2018)

10.   Isabelle Duthoit/Axel Dörner/Matthias Müller/Roy Carroll – ‘The Monophonic Havel’ (Mamu Music, 2018)

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