Altomaria – “Altomaria Disco infermo” (objet-a, 2018)

“Altomaria Disco infermo” is the newest release of Italian label “objet-a”. Album was recorded by “Altomaria” – it’s Luca Lo Bianco (bass), Gianni Gebbia (saxophone), Tony Cattano (trombone) and Francesco Cusa (drums). All four musicians are great improvisers. They are famous figures of international and Italian jazz scene. Musicians had created their own and original playing style, expressive and specific playing manner and suggestive technique many years ago. That certainly effected their music, exceptional sound and numerous of concerts in various cities. “Altomaria” quartet’s improvisations usually have expressive, passionate, effective and brilliant sound. Turbulent culminations meet the silent pauses, soft and gentle pieces, or grow to sparkling, brilliant, impressive and extremely loud blow outs. Musicians are full of new and fresh ideas – they are playing with passion and don’t hesitate to make brave, noisy or simply crazy musical decisions. That makes colorful, bright, interesting and original sound of their album. The music is based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz, but also can be related with some streams of modern jazz, contemporary academical or experimental music.

“Altomaria Disco infermo” is wild, hilarioous and full of adventurous experiments and extravagant musical decisions. The musical pattern is rich, polyphonic and constructed from many different pieces. Musicians gently combine together avant-garde and modern jazz, intonations of contemporary and progressive jazz styles, experimental and contemporary academical music, academic avant-garde and other forms of modern classical music. Rock and fusion elements also are heard very frequently here – it makes a pleasant combination with other elements. Wide stylistic variety joins together dozens of uncompairable music genres and styles, who are highly contrasting with each other. Some exotic and interesting combos are heard here – like the elements of urban dances, disco and electronic music, swing and some other forms of traditional jazz styles. These elements colorfully illustrate whole musical pattern. Mostly it’s used as a coloristic element, who is connected together with free improvisations, avant-garde jazz and basics of other jazz styles. That effects whole sound and mood of album, as well as main form, structure and other elements of musical language. Rich and multi-layed musical pattern is constructed by principe of contrast – it’s simply like an artsy, colorful and engaging mosaic, whose tiles are genuinely joined together. Polyphony, polyrhythmy, silmunateous usage of rhythmic and melodic series, concepts and contrasting changes, exotic instrumental and timbral combos, eclectic stylistic joints, dissonance and sharp harmony, pulsation, dynamic and hot rhythmic – these and many other elements contain the main part of musical pattern. The music is in change all the time – from live and energetic it gets to rocky, heavy and electric, humorous and hilarious, provocative and scandalous, aggressive, turbulent and roaring or simply touching, light and cute pieces. All the moods are changed silmunateously and in organic, effective and exciting way. Musicians don’t hesitate to experiment. They are taking on risky and brave musical experiments, adventurous and frequently humorous, funny and exciting combos, touching solos and roaring blow outs. All members of ensemble make the first priority to search and extraction of unusual timbres, musical experiments, innovations of instrumentation and exotic, marvelous and impressive combos in various sections of musical language. They also demonstrate brilliant and marvelous playing technique, masterful virtuosity and the best quality of sound. Roaring, vibrant and passionate saxophone is filled with light and sparkling solos, wild fast and thrilling passages, dizzy, remarkable and charming melodies. It’s gently goes along with heavy, deep and dynamic trombone – its stable, monotonic and bright bass line meets with bright, stormy, aggressive, moody and dynamic solos, turbulent blow outs and dramatic culminations. Subtle, calm and relaxing bass is filled with gorgeous and colorful pieces – exciting, impressive and passionate solos are simply beautiful, sensible and charming. Drums section is very bright and dynamic. Energetic drum rolls, turbulent free improvisations, spontaneous and moving turns, eclectic, expressive or even funny combos, humorous, eclectic and extravagant pieces and dozens of other elements contain the main part of drums section. Pulsation, dynamic and rapid rhythms are put against stable, monotonic and solid rhythms, relaxing pieces, subtle solos, abstract improvisations and fascinating musical experiments. The music of this album is adventurous, charming, moody and wild.

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