Jörg A. Schneider/Goncalo Almeida, feat. Julius Gabriel & Colin Webster – “SCHNEIDER / ALMEIDA” ( SCHNEIDER COLLABORATIONS, 2018)

“SCHNEIDER / ALMEIDA” is a new release of “SCHNEIDER COLLABORATIONS” label. Album was recorded by Jörg A. Schneider (drums), Goncalo Almeida (double bass), Julius Gabriel (tenor sax) and Colin Webster (alto sax). Four musicians are great improvisers. They mix together avant-garde and modern jazz, experimental music and free improvisation. Musicians are creative and talented – they always have new and fresh ideas, innovative point of view and passionate improvising style. Specific and evocative instrumentation, rich musical language, expressive and moving melodies, subtle and abstract pieces, turbulent collective improvisations make an effort to unique and impressive sound. The musicians are open to new ideas, exotic instrumentaton, eclectic combos, colorful expressions and the production of weird and outrageous timbres. Improvisers don’t keep the strict frames or rules – they like to break the rules and conventions and instead of them create free, remarkable and gorgeous sound with unpredictable changes and experimental musical decisions.

“SCHNEIDER / ALMEIDA” is a splendid collaboration of these four talented and innovative jazz masters. Musicians are creating together whole musical pattern and its compounds. Their playing styles, manners and sounds are unique and different, but still gently fit together in one place. Independent melodies of each instrument are contrasting with each other – each melody has its own sound, color, specific timbres, weird sounds and special effects. Musicians are willing to create expressive, impressive and driving sound, which would be different from the other jazz improvisations. They refuse to use traditional and typical ways and principes of improvising – there’s no quadratic structure, strict riffs or any other conventional method of improvising. Musicians like to make their own and innovative musical decisions – they manage to produce dozens of weird timbres, bright and extra-turbulent culminations, roaring bursts of energy, driving and adventurous riffs or peaceful and subtle excerpts. Musicians also dives from time to time in absolutely free and abstract improvisations – it’s based on spontaneous turns, pleasant surprises and fascinating experiments in various ways of musical language. That makes an effort to original, unconventional and innovative sound. The music is simply gorgeous and wild – it’s filled with crazy ideas, weird timbres, shocking ways of playing, innovative expressions, vivid and rich musical language and free, wild and driving improvising. Improvisers are using the most effective and important elements of their style – they fuse together the basics of avant-garde and experimental jazz, bebop, post bop, neo bop, progressive, contemporary, cool and other intonations of modern jazz styles. Though the music is based on the newest conceptions and innovations, musicians don’t abandon the basics of 1960’s avant-garde jazz – very well-known and effective traditions of improvising are used here along with the newest and fascinating conceptions of Norwegian, European and American experimental jazz. Free, bright and multi-colorful musical pattern, wide arsenal of instrumentation, sound experiments, special effects, various scales, expressions, chords and moods – all these elements contain solid base of musical language. Free improvisation is almost everywhere – musicians are taking a great opportunity to show their best and demonstrate the most effective, beautiful and impressive abilities of playing. Saxophones are expressive and bright. It’s vivid, moving and wild. The melodies are connected with effective and vibrant riffs, tremendous and turbulent blow outs, vivid and gentle melodies, moving rising-ups, dramatic culminations and powerful bursts of energy. All that makes an incredible, charming and passionate sound of melodic section. Double bass is heard very brightly in this album – it has solid, firm and touching melodic line, illustrated with deep repetitive tunes. Subtle and peaceful timbres, sharp tunes, hard and monotonic bass line contain a solid bass section and beautify the melodic line. The double bass solos or duos with drums really are the most beautiful, vivid and innovative places of the album. It’s also gently fit together with moving and expressive saxophones. Dark, deep and vibrant tunes are connected with flowing melodies, touching and inense solos, effective and luminous culminations, jolly, gentle and relaxing moods or silent pauses. Drums section is just great – it’s dynamic, independent and driving. Dozens of rhythms are genuinely mixed together  with manners, special effects and expressions. Afroamerican, Western Africa’s ethnic music’s rhythms, repetitive, breaking and hot sessions, passionate culminations, roaring drum rolls, gorgeous timbres and marvelous free improvisations – all these elements are gently brought together. Musicians are mixing together cordial, hot and expressive improvisations, precise, effective and the best playing technique, fascinating instrumentation and suggestive playing style. The result is incredible – it makes remarkable, bright and moving sound.

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