Karoline Leblanc/Ernesto Rodrigues/Nicolas Caloia – “Autoschediasm” (atrito-afeito, 2018)


“Autoschediasm” was released by “atrito-afeito” this year. Album was recorded by Karoline Leblanc (piano), Ernesto Rodrigues (viola) and Nicolas Caloia (double bass). These three musicians are interesting and creative jazz masters. Each of them has a new conception of avant-garde jazz. It’s formed by fresh ideas, innovative point of  view and wide imagination. Musicians like to make evocative musical decisions, inventive and experimental playing techniques, exotic combos, eclectic stylistic pairs and produce dozens of weird timbres. Their music is based on synthesis of avant-garde and experimental jazz, free improvisation and contemporary academical music. The music is filled with dynamic and rapid mood, who is contrasting with subtle, silent and peeaceful excerpts. The musicians are famous in avant-garde jazz scene – they are collaborating with numerous of other talented and interesting jazz stars. Together they create vivid, multi-colorful and bright sound.

“Autoschediasm” is filled with wide range playing techniques, interesting expressions and timbres. The music is somewhere between contemporary academical and free improvisation. The basics of avant-garde jazz are used here as the basic of whole musical pattern. It’s the main and the most important element of all – wild, free, subtle or dynamic collective improvisations are the main parts of each improvisation. The music is based on free and abstract musical pattern, who also is organic, multi-layed and polyphonic. Variable and dynamic rhythmic, modern harmony, rich musical language, intensive and impressive instrumentation, dozens of different layers, who are joined together – all these elements are interesting and brightly color whole musical pattern. The main idea of this album is to produce fresh, innovative and interesting sound. Musicians have a huge arsenal of instrumentation and expressions to do it. They manage to create fascinating and moving solos, impressive and roaring blow outs, vivid, remarkable and free improvisations, blowing, dizzy and wild passages, special effects and other elements. All these elements are gently fused together in one place. The music is based on different composing techniques – musicians have their own ways and fuse them with very well-known tendencies ofmodernism and contemporary academical music. Puantilism, repetitive rhythmic and melodic series, minimalism and post-minimalism, serialism, conrete music, ambient and other similar ways of composing are used here. All these elements make a strong relation with academical music. The musicians have a wonderful and precise playing technique – they can subtly and naturally passe through different moods, combine them without any effort or force and produce wide range of new and interesting timbres. The sound experiments, expansion of playing abilities and technical opportunities, search of new timbres are the main priorities of the musicians. They are dedicated to create free and evocative avant-garde jazz – the willing to form and keep stable, remarkable and attractive melodic line is less important for them. Music is filled with dozens of different tunes, timbres, expressions, pairs and combos – it makes exotic, warm, bright, expressive, moving, attractive, or – aggressive, abandoned, angry and odd sound with all its colors and tunes. Karoline Leblanch is a great pianist. She likes to fuse together uncompairable playing techniques, manners and episodes. Her improvisations are filled with furious, dizzy and aggressive rhythms, repetitive and turbulent series, dizzy, gentle and flowing passages, vivacious melodies, strange timbres and passionate glissando. These elements contain the most effective and moving pieces of her improvisations. Ernesto Rodrigues is an experienced and innovative violist. His music is bright, has rich and wide musical language. It’s beautified with odd timbres, gorgeous sounds, crazy or weird musical decisions, ambient and deep tunes, special effects and experimental playing techniques. Moving and abstract glissando, bordering dynamics, stable tunes, repetitive rhythmic series are contrasting with bright, intense, touching and passionate solos. All improvisations of viola make a huge effort to whole album – it brings the energy, live and much more interesting sound to the compositions. The elements of contemporary academical music are used here a lot – it finds a gentle combo with other instruments and free improvisation. Nicolas Caloia’s double bass improvisations are fantastic and wild. It’s also filled with bright sounds, weird timbres, luminous solos, intense and vibrant energy explosions and deep tunes. Musician masterfully tries out huge range of different ways of playing and composing – all these elements and compounds gently go along together. Double bass and viola form and keep strong background, which is brightly illustrated by ambient tunes, vibrant and deep sounds, special effects, repetitive sessions and electronics. The music of this album has interesting, evocative and bright sound.


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