WLSFW – “Featuring” (Puzzlemusik, 2018)

“Featuring” is a new release of “Puzzlemusik” label. Album was recorded by five jazz stars – it’s Phil Vachsman (violin, live electronics), Paul Lytton (drums, percussion, live electronics, home-made instruments), Sten Sandell (piano), Floros Floridis (clarinet, bass clarinet) and Nate Wooley (trumpet). These musicians are famous in international avant-garde jazz scene – they are the central figures of it for many decades. Musicians are great and impressive improvisers, they have innovative ideas, evocative and original point of view and suggestive improvising style. Their music is always filled with astonishing experiments, special effects, extraordinary sounds, contrasting compounds and or silent and relaxing pieces. All music is based on avant-garde jazz. Musicians connect together the newest tendencies of contemporary avant-garde and experimental jazz, free improvisation, European, Scandinavian and American avant-garde jazz basics and dozens of other elements. Masterful and organic synthesis is made in natural and interesting way, so it creates marvelous and fantastic sound. Collective improvisations by this quintet are especially bright, expressive, roaring, turbulent and emotional.

“Featuring” is enchanting, moody and dynamic. The album is based on avant-garde and modern jazz styles synthesis. Various streams of avant-garde jazz such as European, Scandinavian, American and experimental are connected in one place with expressive bebop, aggressive hard bop, neo bop, passionate progressive jazz and free improvisation. All these elements are connected in one place genuinely and effectively. Each style is used by saving its the most effective and important elements – it’s effecting whole musical patter and sound, when all elements are connected together in one place. Expressive and moving solos, evocative and dramatic culminations, sudden changes, exotic combos, specific timbres of self-made instruments, roaring blow outs, splendid and enchanting passages, ambient sounds, eletronics and dozens of other elements gently go along together. The music has multi-colorful, polyphonic and difficult musical pattern. It’s based on open form, bright and solid melodic section, dynamic rhythmic, repetitive series, the intonations of contemporary academical music and spontaneous solos. The musicians don’t hesitate to produce weird, odd or extraordinary timbres. Each of them is trying to make their own and unique sound, by using frenzy, interesting, innovative or completely crazy ways of playing. The melodies of each instrument are connected together – expressive and charming solos are flowing to dramatic and adventurous culminations, roaring bursts of energy and turbulent free improvisations. It’s impossible to predict. where this music is going to turnnext – it’s filled with suprising, ambitious and bright changes, made in spontaneous and unpredictable way. Trumpet by Nate Wooley is bright, independent, firm and luminous. This is the place, where’s gently fit together gorgeous timbres, musical experiments, splendid and dizzy passages, blowing and passionate melodies, light, gentle and charming solos, calm and soft excerpts and dozens of inventive musical decisions. Expressive and moving trumpet is crazy, bright and ambitious – it gives the main tune to the melodic line. Violin by Phil Vachsman is filled with strange, ambient and bright timbres, tremendous tunes, harsh and shrieky solos,live electronics, dramatic culminations and spontaneous improvisations. The music is flowing and light – dozens of contrasting compounds are connected together in natural and effective way. Clarinet and bass clarinet by Floros Floridis gently go along with trumpet. It’s vivid, gentle, expressive and dizzy. Blowing solos, terrific and aggressive scandals, stormy and roaring blow outs, bright and passionate melodies, vital and dynamic changes – that’s just a small part of charming and modern reeds improvisations. Improviser likes to expand the main zone of technical abilities – where’s a wide range of styles, timbres and sounds who is created here and contain the coloristic background of all improvisations. Sten Sandells’s piano is vivid, bright and innovative. Warm and natural sounds are combined with synthesized tunes and electronics devices, who change the usual timbre of piano. The music is turbulent and driving – it’s filled with marvelous and loud solos, frenzy and wild furious passages, roulades and other virtuosic elements, repetitive sharp chords series and moving, bright and tremendous culminations. Piano keeps the active, bright and driving mood of the compositions. Paul Lytton is leader of drums section, but he also uses electronics and home-made instruments. It’s the charming mix of innovative instrumentation, experimental ways of playing, roaring drum rolls, terryfying fanfars, tremendous culminations, gentle, light, vital and expressive excerpts, moving solos and spontaneous free improvisations. All these elements are mixed with drone, glitch, ambient, modified tunes, alterated timbres, sounds of computer devices and other interesting tunes of electronics, home-made instruments and its specific timbres. All this is mixed up with drive, expression and wild imagination. The music of this album has fantastic and impressive sound – it really is one of the best albums of this year.

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