Axel Dörner/ Agustí Fernández / Ramon Prats – “Venusik” (Multikulti Project, 2018)

“Venusik” is a new release of “Multikulti Project”. Album was recorded by Axel Dörner (trumpet and electronics), Agustí Fernández (piano) and Ramon Prats (drums and percussion). The music of this trio is innovative and modern – it connects traditions, roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz and the newest tendencies of experimental jazz. The musicians are famous and talented jazz masters. Each of them has splendid playing technique, effective and expressive playing manner, touching style and unique sound. They like to make spontaneous musical decisions and improvisations in the spot of improvising. That brings the remarkable and admiring impression to their music. Musicians are open to new ideas and original improvising. They make exotic combos, speicif instrumental pairs, fuse dozens of different styles, rhythms and expressions in one place. They don’t hesitate to create hilarious, shocking, scandalous or cozy, gentle and natural moods. Music created by these musicians, is impressive, emotional, suprirising and charming. The musicians fill them with warm sound, hot playing manner, drive and expression.

“Venusik” has expressive and dynamic mood. The music is bright, played and improvised with passion, invention and fantasy. Musicians find new ways of playing, interesting expressions and dozens of innovative experiments and special effects. Their imagination and creativity helps the improvisers to passe through different moods – they begin from silent, relaxing and cosy pieces with calm mood and stable rhythmic, when they form flowing and sparkling melodies, aggressive and touching solos, dramatic and tremendous culminations and roaring bursts of energy. All these fusions are made in light and creative way. Musicians like to make eclectic stylistic turns, sudden changes of expressions or dynamic moods. Their music is changing all the time. It also has difficult and multi-layed pattern, who is based on polyphony, modern and colorful harmony, repetitive sequences of drastic, sharp and aggressive chords, bordering dynamics and open form. The expressions bring dozens of colors and sounds to each piece of album. The musicians also pay attention to instrumentation. They make a high effort to create interesting, extraordinary and passionate instrumentation in each composition. Sound experiments, searches of new timbres, weird sounds, production of strange noises, expansion of technical abilities – all these elements are very well-known to each improviser. Each musician has a marvelous playing technique, so he can easily search to experimental ways of playing and fuse them with traditional ones. Open form and free improvisation are very important compounds of this album. Collective improvisations are the most effective and impressive places of whole album. This is the place there together is mixed incresible and expressive solos, dramatic, aggressive and turbulent culminations, outrageous sounds, weird expressions, numerous of special effects and other elements of musical language. Each musician can freely experiment in all cases of musical language – the improvisers are making the outrageous changes, sudden abruptions, exotic combos, specific inclusions and pleasant surprises. Piano melodies by Agusti Fernandez are bright and luminous. It’s filled with expression and passion. Driving and flowing melodies, charming and dizzy solos, original and creative musical decisions, colorful and hilarious surprises, extremely rapid passages, repetitive sequences and series of rhythms or sharp chords – all these elements make effective, rapid, energetic and wild mood of the compositions. Trumpet by Axel Dorner is vivid, light and expressive. Luminous energy explosions are mixed with attractive and charming passages, gorgeous ornaments and subtle, gentle and light places. It’s finally grows out to dramatic, scandalous, moving and roaring blow outs and turbulent energy explosions. Ramon Prats is the leader of drums section. Drums section is a real burst of wild, turbulent, rapid and touching energy. The energy explosions filled with turbulent and wild solos are heard very frequently – it makes bright, luminous and terrific mood of album. The drums section is independent – it’s always highly contrasting with other instruments sections, but gently fit together at the same time. The fusion of colors, tunes, rhythms, expressions and timbres is the main effort to expressive, tremendous and marvelous sound of this album. Axel Dorner mix together roaring solos, turbulent and scandalous bursts of energy, gentle and subtle excerpts, repetitive series, sharp, moving and aggressive rhythms with stable beats. The music of this album has impressive, beautiful and original sound.

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