Georg Graewe / Damon Smith / Michael Vatcher – “Unhesitating” (Nuscope Recordings, 2018)

“Unhesitating” is a new release of “Nuscop0e Recordings”. Album was recorded by Georg Graewe (Steinway D piano), Damon Smith (double bass) and Michael Vatcher (drums). Three great musicians are creative, talented and passionate improvisers. They had been the central figures of avant-garde jazz scene for many years now – their experience is fused with impressive improvising, incredible playing technique and unique sound. Musicians are true innovators of experimental jazz scene – they had created and improved new, fresh and evocative sound of avant-garde jazz. Their music connects traditions and innovations, shocking and weird experiments with very well-known traditions. Contemporary avant-garde and experimental jazz is fused with modern jazz – furious and aggressive bebop solos, roaring and blowing solos, vibrant bursts of energy, free improvisations surely make an effort to synthesis of avant-garde and modern jazz. Musicians are the masters of their art – they like wizards can combine together different styles, expressions and sounds and create original and innovative sound.

“Unhesitating” is filled with bright and expressive sound. Main base of it is avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. The music is evocative, filled with dynamic changes, impressive surprises and dizzy solos. Charming and attractive expressions are used along weird, crazy, scary or simply outrageous tunes and timbres. Musicians like to found the balance between free improvisation, shocking experiments and remarkable sound, who also would be attractive and expressive. That they manage to do splendidly – the music is dynamic. combined from many different pieces, expressions and moods. One mood is changing another silmunateously – joyful solos go straightly to vivacious and gentle improvisations, hilarious or comic excerpts, aggressive, blowing and energetic storms or silent and peaceful pieces. All this is combined together in effective and smart way – each episode is absolutely different from the other, but all the pieces contain natural, bright and intense musical pattern with vibrant and evocative sound. The main part of compositions has active and expressive mood. The elements of neobop, bebop, post bop, progressive, and other similar modern jazz styles are combined together. That’s heard the most in melodic section, who is gently illustrated by gorgeous ornaments, dizzy and charming passages, flowing melodies, remarkable and extremely rapid roulades and sharp, aggressive and dramatic chords. The music is based on free improvisation in every composition. That makes an effort to bright and original sound and formation of colorful and multi-layed musical pattern. The musical language is rich and expressive – it has a splendid musical pattern, innovative instrumentation, wide range of expressions, ornaments, abbreviations and passages. Spontaneous musical decisions are very bright, intense and harsh accents, who bring more colors to musical facture and pattern. Piano melodies are the basics of improvisations. It forms and keeps vivacious, strong, firm and remarkable melodic line. Pianist is improvising expressively – he has energetic and suggestive playing style. Hot playing manner, passion, drive, dynamic and inventive musical decisions are the main elements of George Graewe music. Pianist marvelously combine all these elements in one place – he frequently tries out new ways of playing, colorful expressions, sound experiments and spontaneous solos. Roaring and harsh sequences of chords, moving solos, sparkling and remarkable melodies, dynamic or repetitive rhythmic, free improvisation meet the rising, dramatic and scandalous culminations, peaceful excerpts and calm, gentle and light improvisations.  Damon Smith double bass consists of repetitive and firm bass line, gorgeous solos, warm and touching sound. It’s the most effective and impressive in solo episodes – these places demonstrate the wide abilities of bass playing techniques and show inventive and original point of view of improviser. Subtle and stable bass line gently fit with piano and drums, charming, glorious, tremendous and dynamic solos are effective, warm, beautiful and passionate. Drums section by Michael Vatcher is bright, expressive and moving. It has two sides – one is tremendous, terrific and roaring bursts of energy, who fills the compositions with active and driving mood. Another one is different – it’s calm, stable and subtle, based on static rhythmic line and relaxing mood. Drummer is able to switch between these two moods very lightly and spontaneously – his playing always fits with other instruments and their melodies. Gorgeous percussion, roaring passages, charming solos, strict arpeggio, bordering dynamics, extremely loud fanfars and silent, slow and subtle episodes – all thes elements are the main elements of these improvisations. The music of this album is dynamic and changing all the time – from the roaring and moving culminations, splendid and charming passages to romantic, sweet, dreamy, cosy and warm improvisations. Abstract musical pattern, open form and free improvisation contain wide range of different moods, expressions and sounds. Musicians create expressive, impressive and touching sound.

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