Tom Arthurs/Alberto Novello – “Cahier de petits coquillages vol. IV/V” (Jestern, 2018)

“Cahier de petits coquillages vol. IV/V” is a new release of “Jespern a.k.a Alberto Novello” label. Album was recorded by Tom Arthurs (trumpet) and Alberto Novello (analog circuiltry). Both musicians base their music on innovations, electronics and the synthesis of free improvisation and experimental music. Their music is modern, has weird, specific and evocative sound. The musicians are searching for a genuine and pleasant fusion between absolutely different musical language elements and styles. They group contrasting compounds, bright melodies and soft excerpts, extremely loud culminations and silent pieces in one place. Both musicians are individual and creative players. Their music is free, abstract and based on spontaneous musical decisions. It’s very interesting to listen to their music, because it’s changing and sparkling all the time. The musicians are famous in various styles of avant-garde jazz, as well as electronic music. They had been improvising together as a duo many times, also played with numerous of other great musicians.

“Cahier de petits coquillages vol. IV/V” is based on contemporary academical, experimental and electornic music. It has storng relation with free improvisation, avant-garde and experimental jazz. The main compound of musical pattern is instrumentation and all its colors, themes, contrasting playing techniques, special effects, ornaments, exotic combos and other elements. Musicians are taking the highest priority to search and production of weird, evocative, bright and fresh sound. They like exotic combos, adventurous changes, special effects, weird sounds and other similar compounds, There are many episodes, who are highly contrasting with each other – together they are combined in one place by the principe of collage. Dozens of absolutely different pieces are connected in one place. It makes bright, interesting and bright sound. The music has colorful and many-layed musical pattern, who is gorgeously illustrated by special effects, huge palette of colors, bordering dynamics, abbreviations, ornaments, passages and other elements of musical language and instrumentation. The main mood of the music is changing – it’s very dynamic and moving. Sometimes it’s depressive, ascetic and abandoned, or stormy and aggressive – all that can suddenly change to light, peaceful and abstract pieces. The attractive and glamorous melody isn’t the main element of compositions. Musicians mostly use short melodic pieces – they don’t have a tendency to use long and dynamic melodies with its variations. Short melodic intonations are fused with variable and dynamic rhythms – this synthesis makes a pleasant pair of it. The main methode of the composing style is based on contrasting pieces and their connection with others. The main effect and interesting sound of this album lays in marvelous fusion of acoustics and electronics. Trumpet melodies played by Tom Arthurs, recover whole wide arsenal of trumpet’s playing techniques. It’s very engaging to hear, that musician doesn’t hesitate to use and combine experimental, unheard, strange or even simply crazy ways of playing in one place. There’s also are used traditional playing techniques, who are subtly mixed together. Vivid and gentle sound quickly transforms to bright and intense, ambient and strict, aggressive, dramatic or even scandalous. Tom Arthurs tries out interesting and unusual combos, express dozens of moods, characters and emotions. His music has engaging, impressive, passionate and warm sound. Bright and warm trumpet is highly contrasting with electronics. Synthesized sounds, modified timbres, alterated tunes, the sounds of technical devices, synthesizers, analog circuiltry, recorder, ambient, drone, glitch and dozens of other electronics playing techniques are used here. It’s splendidly fit together with trumpet. There’s a bright contrast between warm, expressive and dynamic trumpet and synthesized, cold, weird, modern and interesting electronics. The synthesis between these instruments create arvelous, suggestive, interesting and dynamic sound.



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