CHICAGO EDGE ENSEMBLE – “Insidious Anthem” (trost, 2018)

“Insidious Anthem” is a new release of “trosts records”. Album was recorded by”Chicago Edge Ensemble”. This famous avant-garde jazz ensemble is formed from the main figures of Chicago and international avant-garde jazz scene. It’s Dan Phillips (guitar), Mars Williams (saxophones and percussion), Jeb Bishop (trombone), Krzysztof Pabian (double bass) and Hamid Drake (drums). These five musicians have their own style, unique sound and expressive playing manner. Their music has difficult musical language, complicated musical decisions, experimental instrumentation and colorful expressions. Musicians are experimenting in all cases of musical language, They are trying out new ways of playing, searching for evocative and fresh ideas, exotic combos and simply crazy musical decisions. That’s the reason of surprising, driving and tremendous sound, who is created almost all the time. The music is totally based on avant-garde jazz – musicians masterfully combine together the newest innovations of European, Scandinavian and American avant-garde jazz. They also don’t forget the main principes of experimental jazz – that’s why they frequently use the main elements of 1960’s and 1970’s avant-garde jazz.

“Insidious Anthem” is filled with dynamic and evocative sound. The compositions are somewhere between free improvisation, turbulent and wild avant-garde jazz, experimental and contemporary academical music. Sometimes it’s serious, academic and solemn, sometimes – wild fast, furious, passionate and driving. The music of this album is filled with surprises and incredible turns. Musicians create bright and ricfh musical pattern. It’s based on polyphony, free improvisation, abstract structure and open form. These elements are fused together with dozens of special effects, scales, chords and rhythms. The musical language is rich, expressive, vivid and incredible – it has many layers, who are highly contrasting with each other. The instrumentation is based on innovative and experimental musical decisions, the innovations and traditional playing techniques. All that makes an effort to bright and luminous sound. The alliusions and incluses to various jazz and contemporary academical music styles are heard here. Musicians are the masters of combining together difficult and independent music styles and moods. Here perfectly lays together vivid and expressive bebop, aggressive post bop, rigorous and vibrant blow outs, soft, gentle and light solos, delicate melodies, colorful harmony and dynamic rhythmic. Bebop, post bop, neo bop, cool, contemporary and various modern jazz styles are connected together in one place. Musicians are making an effort to gorgeous and evocative sound and its creation – that’s why they like to make risky turns, adventurous and moving improvisations, exotic instrumental pairs, eclectic stylistic combos and weird timbres. Guitar melodies keep intense and vibrant melodic line. It has powerful and energetic sounds. The guitar melodies are filled with soft and subtle improvisations, pieaceful episodes, gentle and delicate excerpts. These elements effect whole sound of album – it makes a gorgeous and colorful background, filled with special effects, sounds and timbres. The music is bright, moving and roaring in most episodes. Intense, electric, rocky and heavy guitar has the synthesis between avant-garde jazz and rock elements. So here together meets, heavy hard core and free improvisation, passionate melodies and powerful solos, strict rhythmic and spontaneous combos of series and etc. All these elements bring eclectic, innovative and vivid sound. Saxophones melodies are vivid and light. It’s moving and expressive, especially turbulent and bright at the culminations. Saxophones maintain the main melodic line, bring specific and bright chracter to it. It contains luminous solos, remarkable and vivid melodies, bright and spontaneous improvisations, experimental musical decisions and electric, turbulent and growling bursts of energy. Dozens of dizzy passages, gorgeous timbres, wild fast virtuosic elements, roaring blow outs and other special effects also are very important elements in the compositions. Saxophones create and keep the main mood of compositions – it brings energy, passion and expression. Moving, light and touching saxophones are against solid, deep and dark trombone. Its solid, solemn, deep and dark tunes are repeated over and over again and silmunateously changed with other rhythms and sounds. It makes tight and stable bass line. Trombone also has bright and evocative solos – sparkling melodies, remarkable and spontaneous solos, moving and touching improvisations are the most effective and gorgeous elements of tombone. Bass also keeps tight and firm bass and harmonic basic. Bass improvisations have dynamic turns, sudden changes, colorful and incredible surprises and variations. Subtle pieces are brought together with firm, vibrant and roaring culminations, vivid and light solos, gentle pizzicatto, passionate and bright melodies, roaring and aggressive rising ups or tiny and calm downs. Drums and percussion section is bright and luminous. Dozens of rhythms are used here – freeand turbulent bursts of energy, spontaneous improvisations, Afroamerican music rhythms are fused with Western European music, various modern, traditional, early and experimental jazz styles. Drummer is improvising just marvelous – he keeps intense, vibrant and loud rhythmic section, who gently fits together with vivid, gorgeous, moving and colorful percussion. All musicians are great and independent jazz masters – their music is just incredible, marvelous and passionate. It has bright and innovative instrumentation, precise and suggestive playing technique, expressive and touching playing style and rich musical language.



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