David S. Ware Trio – “The Balance” (Aum Fidelity, 2018)

“The Balance” is the newest release of “Aum Fidelity Records”. Album was recorded by “David S. Ware Trio”. The trio formed from three great jazz masters, who are the netral figures of international avant-garde jazz scene for many decades. Here together plays David S. Ware (tenor saxophone), William Parker (bass) and Warren Smith (drums). Great, impressive and innovative improvisers keep to surprise the listeners of avant-garde jazz scene for many years now. Their music is filled with surprising ideas, fresh and evocative musical decisions, innovative instrumentation, astonishing experiments and sparkling free improvisations. Jazz masters are famous in whole wide world scene of avant-garde jazz – they are collaborating with other great, innovative and creative jazz stars. Musicians are open to bright and new ideas, shocking decisions, experimental instrumentation and many other innovative musical language innovations. Together they create impressive sound, rich and expressive musical language with wide and universal kit of instrumenting methods, new and original ways of improvising, precise and engaging playing technique, touching manner and unique sound.

“The Balance” is filled with bright and dynamic sound. This album is totally based on free improvisation and basics of avant-garde and experimental jazz. All three improvisers have suggestive and expressive playing style, hot, thrilling and wild playing manner. They like to make eclectic and exotic fusions, innovative musical decisions, fresh ideas or just simply gorgeous combinations. The musicians are paying the highest attention to the production of interesting, gorgeous, original and innovative sound. That’s why they don’t hesitate to get out of ordinary forms, strict frames or traditional improvising methods. Their music is free, wild, filled with engaging surprises and crazy bursts of energy. The basic of the compositions always is avant-garde and experimental jazz. Traditional methods and the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz are connected with European, Americain and Scandinavian avant-garde jazz, the newest innovations and other jazz styles. Hot, thrilling and expressive playing manner also brings the relation with bebop, hard bop and neo bop – these music styles have especially aggressive and moving playing manner, complicated rhythmic and unusual form of improvising. Musicians are using open form – it’s typical in free improvisations. It lets them to show their best abilities, search for weird timbres, strange sounds or simply crazy musical decisions. The musical pattern is colorful and multi-layed – three individual melodies are gently switched together. It’s highly contrasting with each other, but still are naturally connected in one musical pattern. Each melody brings his own and original sound and dozens of colors to the compositions. All music is based on free improvisation and spontaneous playing. Most part of the episodes wasn’t arranged before the playing – it’s created at the moment of playing and get surprising, splendid and fantastic result. Tenor saxophone melodies are vivid, bright and vital. It’s filled with dynamic mood, turbulent and free improvisations, dramatic and violent culminations, subtle pieces, gentle and warm episodes, who directly switch to roaring blow outs, passionate solos, remarkable and vivacious melodies, dizzy, charming and impressive passages and other ornaments, abbreviations and virtuosic elements. Special effects, dozens of moods, powerful risings ups and calm downs also are heart very frequently in David S. Ware improvisations. Bass improvisations are engaging and bright. It’s formed from subtle, peaceful and calm episodes, which deep, solid and stable bass line. Deep, massive and heavy tunes keep strong bass line. The charming and fantastic passages, colorful and effective glissando, strict staccato, passionate solos and vibrant culminations are the most effective and beautiful places of William’s Parker’s improvisations. Drums section is leaded by Warren Smith. Another one great, experienced and talented drummer creates energetic, turbulent, vigilent and aggressive rhythmic section. It has solid, bright, firm and stable base, which is formed from many different rhythms, expressions and sounds. The rhythmic section is driving and moving – rapid solos, violent drum rolls, roaring fanfanrs, moving and trembling arpeggio, effective vibrato, gorgeous percussion and other similar elements gently go along together with the free, wild and turbulent rhythmic improvisations. The music of this album is played with drive, love and pleasure – it has fantastic and impressive sound.

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