Gordon Beeferman – “Other Life Forms” (Different Track, 2018)

“Other Life Forms” was released by “Different Track Productions” this November. Album was recorded by Gordon Beeferman (piano, Hammond C3 organ), Stephanie Griffin (viola), Pascal Niggenkemper (bass) and Andrew Drury (drums). Quartet is leaded by Gordon Beeferman, who is creative and innovative improviser, active leader and musician. All musicians of the quartet are full of innovative ideas, fresh and evocative musical decisions and experimental playing techniques. All of them have new and modern point of view – their avant-garde jazz is different from the others. The basics of experimental and avant-garde jazz are fused with bebop, post bop, neo bop, hard bop, cool, other modern jazz styles, minimalism, contemporary academical music and native elements of various countries. The fusion is made in genuine, sweet and original way – the main ideas and melodies are gently illustrated and colored with sound experiments, innovative instrumentation and rich musical language.

“Other Life Forms” is based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Album compositions are colorful, have sparkling, bright and dynamic sound. Musicians are innovative and open for new and fresh ideas – they frequently use experimental ways of playing, special effects and other instrumentation’s decisions, who help to create impressive and passionate instrumentation’s base. Album was recorded by four great jazz masters. Each of them has individual style, own playing manner and unique sound. Though, their music is based on innovative and always dedicated to surprise the listener and get his attention, it’s mixed along with traditions. Many traditional ways of improvising, the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz, improvising basics, ordinary forms, very-well known or even primitive instrumentation’s decisions are used together with innovative, fresh and modern ways of improvising. The splendid synthesis effects whole pattern and sound – it creates original, vivacious and bright sound. Open form, polyphony, abstract facture, multi-colorful pattern, expressive musical language, sparkling riffs and charming, independent and rapid melodies are the main compounds of musical forms. The free improvisation always rests the most important part of compositions – here musicians are experimenting, form intense timbres, weird noises and invente new ways of playing. Each improviser has the total liberty to change, compound and fuse different elements and improvise spontaneously. That’s the way, how dozens of remarkable and gorgeous fusions, relations and pairs are created. Piano and Hammond organs combo contain main base of melodic line, harmonic and rhythmic basement. Gordon Beeferman is trying different ways of playing, express huge range of emotions, expressions and manners. His improvising is based on energetic and expressive playing style. Subtle and calm episodes with slow tempo, simple structure and relaxing mood are mixed together with dramatic and rising culminations, provocative and scandalous solos, furiously rapid, strict and wild roulades, thrilling passages, roaring and harsh sequences of chords or intervals and other elements. All this make an effort to powerful, innovative and bright sound. It’s also unique and organic because of strong relation with contemporary academical music and its styles – that’s especially heared in organs improvisations, who are solemn, solid and natural. Stephanie Griffin brought this music much more near contemporary academical music and academic avant-garde – viola is rarely used at free and experimental jazz, it’s more likely used in contemporary academical music ensembles and pieces. Viola melodies have specific and organic sound. Improviser effectively combines together the bassics of academic avant-garde, free improvisation and experimental music. The soloist is diving through absoilutely different moods and expressions – passionate, trembling and effective solos grow to strict and rigorous culminations or go down to solemn, solid, calm and serious academical music compositions. This natural and organic synthesis makes an effort to effective, gorgeous and extraordinary sound. Pascal Niggenkemper is another one great jazz bassist, who is playing in this album. His improvisations, just as always are incredible and impressive. This is the place, there together meets tremendous solos, passionate, trembling, vibrant and bright melodies, solid, deep and repetitive tunes and gentle, light and peaceful episodes. All these elements are fused in driving, passionate and expressive way. Andrew Drury is experienced drummer, who can create leading, driving and simply fantastic rhythmic section. That’s what he does in this album – Afroamerican, Western Africa, American native music, turbueltn and free improvisations, rhythms of dances, various modern and contemporary jazz styles, dynamic rhythmic series of avant-garde jazz and dozens of other playing ways are connected here. His improvising is driving and thrilling, filled with crazy ideas, rising flows, roaring culminations or calm and subtle downs. The music of this album has exceptional instrumentation, innovative sound, precise playing technique, the best quality of sound and driving, crazy and wild improvisations. It makes an effort to splendid and remarkable sound.

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