Roland Dahinden ‎– “Talking With Charlie – An Imaginary Talk With Charlie Parker” (Hat Hut, 2018)

“Talking With Charlie – An Imaginary Talk With Charlie Parker” is a new release of “Hat Hut Records” label. Album was recorded by Gareth Davis (bass clarinet), Dario Calderone (double bass), Koen Kaptijn (trombone), Peppe Garcia (percussion) and Roland Dahinden (compositions). The music by these great jazz masters has exceptional, bright and innovative sound. All five musicians are the stars of avant-garde jazz scene – during the long years of musical career they became famous, passionate and central figures of international scene. Collaborations and projects with other famous jazz masters also are the main part of their career – they had been improvising together with dozens of other original and talented jazz musicians. Unique sound, basics of free improvisation and avant-garde jazz, organic and soft twists of different moods, dynamics and other elements of musical language – all thse and many other elements contain the main part of all jazz masters music. The music is created and arranged, but also has much space for outstanding solos, fascinating musical experiments, bright and luminous culminations and spontaneous surprises.

“Talking With Charlie – An Imaginary Talk With Charlie Parker” is filled with charming, dynamic and passionate sound. The music is based on basics of avant-garde jazz and intonations of modern jazz. Bebop, free jazz, creative jazz and other styles of experimental jazz contain the main pattern of stylistic pattern. The stylistic variety is wide and colorful. The fusion of bebop, post bop and avant-garde jazz is heard the most brightly, but there’s still is many other stylistic includes and allusions to some music styles or genres. Music has soft, subtle and calm sound in some episodes – where’s a strong relation with cool, progressive, contemporary, traditional and some early jazz styles. There’s also heard the intonations of experimental music, contemporary academical music and other styles of modern academical music. All these things are used in one big fusion – marvelous synthesis is made because of genuine connection of absolutely different musical language elements. Relaxing and peaceful episodes are combined together with spontaneous, vivid, luminous and evocative pieces, who certainly are the most important and beautiful places of whole album. Here the composer makes a tribute to modern jazz legend Charlie Parker – the most famous themes, excerpts from his original compositions are connected with Roland Dahinden music. Roland Dahinden is a creative and talented improviser, trombonist and composer. His music always has wide stylistic variety, rich and colorful musical language, bright and multi-layed musical pattern, it’s gorgeously illustrated with numerous of charming passages, moving solos and turbulent culminations. He masterfully arranges all the compositions of this album – by using weirdtimbres, strange noises, dozens of characters and moods, composer manages to create fascinating sound. Illustrative and innovative instrumentation is filled with experimental and traditional ways of playing, inventions, variations, modified timbres, alterated tunes, colorful and innovative expressions and other elements. That makes an effort to solid, independent and simply marvelous instrumentation, who is the most important elements of musical pattern. Composer doesn’t hesitate to go through new and extraordinary way. He likes to break the ordinary rules, common forms, traditional methods of improvising and change it to experimental, bright and modern improvising. Even though he likes the innovations, he also pays the highest attention to the roots of avant-garde jazz and main elements of modern jazz styles. Roland Dahinden really manages to create fascinating, remarkable and dynamic sound of this album. Bass clarinet and trombone solos form charming and bright melodic line. Luminous, moving, charming and tremendous solos of bass clarinet, vibrant and vigilent blow outs, furiously fast, wild and thrilling passages, hot and passionate melodies, sharp harmony and sound experiments is highly contrasting with firm, solid, slow and monotonic trombone or energetic, dynamic and touching double bass. The percussion section is filled with drive, passion and expression. Dozens of timbres, sounds and rhythms are used here. Fusion has gorgeous result – it’s connected from impressive passages, roaring and turbulent drum rolls, energetic and furiously fast solos, unheard timbres and colorful percussion. All musicians are improvising with pleasure, passion, drive and expression. They create bright, intense and luminous sound.

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