Myra Melford’s Snowy Egret – “The Other Side of Air” (Firehouse 12, 2018)

“The Other Side of Air” is a new release of “Firehouse 12” label. Album was recorded by “Myra Melford’s Snowy Egret” – it’s Ron Miles (cornet), Liberty Ellman (guitar), Stomu Takeishi (acoustic bass guitar) and Tyshawn Sorey (drums). The music is engaging, charming and dynamic. It’s always filled with silent, gentle and light episodes, moving solos, vibrant blow outs, turbulent and violent culminations or any other elements, who are gently connected together in one place. All musicians of this ensemble are famous improvisers of experimental jazz scene. Their creativity, admiring and marvelous improvising, inventive musical decisions, colorful musical pattern and rich musical language create passionate, bright and engaging sound of music. Musicians also have their own playing techniques, inventive and original way of improvising and unique sound. They don’t hesitate to refuse traditional and very well-known elements of musical language and replace them with innovations and modern compounds. Unconventional musical language, experimental musical decisions, unique sound and passionate improvising makes an effort to bright, eclectic and innovative sound.

“The Other Side of Air” is filled with interesting musical decisions and astonishing experiments. All the compositions are mostly based on avant-garde and experimental jazz. Free improvisation and the newest tendencies of avant-garde jazz give energetic and active mood and also effects all musical language. Experimental jazz is mixed and used together with other jazz styles. This album has especially huge stylistic variety – the intonations of bebop, post bop, neobop, hard bop, progressive, modal, cool and contemporary jazz are used here along with some elements of swing, traditional jazz and other early jazz styles. All these elements are masterfully and organically mixed together. That makes an effort to colorful, bright and polyphonic musical pattern – it’s illustrated with dynamic and pulsating rhythmic, solid and intense melodic section, gorgeous timbres, weird sounds and special effects. Bordering dynamics, outrageous and extraordinary chords, dizzy, charming and glimpsy passages, expansion of new technical abilities of instruments, polyrhythmy, polyphony and dozens of other  elements are mixed in one musical pattern along with special effects and modified timbres. All these elements make an effort to remarkable, passionate and charming sound of the album. Musicians are improvisng differently from the others. Each of them is experimenting in various cases of musical language, especially in instrumentation section. Bright, loud and expressive cornet by Ron Miles keeps the basic melodic line. Dizzy, furiously fast, wild and passionate solos, charming and impressive passages, soft, lyric and slow episodes or luminous and terrific culminations improviser manages to make contrasting and colorful pattern from all kinds of compounds. He switches between joyful and light melodies to sorrowful and sad tragedies, lyrical pieces, romantic and dreamy excerpts or any other mood. Two guitars gently go along with cornet, but create absolutely different sound. Liberty Ellman and Stomu Takeishi are improvising with passion and expression – their improvisations are created with wild imagination and fantasy. Soft and light episodes, relaxing pauses, subtle and abstract pieces go straight to wild, passionate, impressive and charming solos, remarkable melodies and enchanting passages. The guitars bring firm bass line, colorful harmonic pattern and illustrate the melodic line. The drums section is moving, attracting and turbulent. Tyshawn Sorey tries out innovative ways of playing, specific playing techniques, weird sounds and outrageous timbres. The drummer is the master of twisting together numerous of different rhythmes, sounds and timbres. The rhythms gently fit together with rapid and passionate reeds, energetic and vibrant blow outs, intense and enchanting riffs of guitars and dozens of other elements. Musicians are improvising just marvelous – their music is made with pleasure, without any strict rules or frames. Each of them can experiment in all cases of musical language and create his own and unique sound. Musicians create all musical language and pattern together – the collective improvisations show their original point of view, creativity and the desire to search, produce and create fascinating, bright, passionate and terrific sound.


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