Gianni Mimmo/Vinny Golia – “Explicit” (Amirami Records, 2018)

“Explicit” is a new release of “Amirami Records”. Album was recorded by great duo – Vinny Golia (Sopranino Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Alto Flute, Piccolo Flute) and Gianni Mimmo (soprano saxophone). Both musicians are famous in international jazz scene. They are the central figures of American and European jazz scene. Their creativity, talent and inventive musical decisions made an effort to original, passionate and interesting playing style. Musicians had formed and improved their own sound and unique playing style during the long years of musical career. The style is based on the basics of avant-garde jazz, there’s also an influeze of other jazz masters – various themes, sounds and expressions, used by famous jazz stars, are connected together with unique and innovative sounds of Vinny Golia and Gianni Mimmo. The music is always based on the basics of avant-garde and experimental jazz, as well as connected with illustrative and bright intonations of bebop, neobop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles. That makes an effort to intense, vibrant, energetic and passionate sound.

“Explicit” has a vigilent energy, is filled with pleasant surprises, unpredictable changes and dynamic turns. The variety of styles, manners and sounds is used here – both musicians demonstrate their own style, unique sound and colorful musical language. They are experimenting in various fields of musical language. That especially feels in instrumentation’s section. Exotic timbres, unusual instrumental combos, bright and intense sounds, experimental ways of playing who are fused with traditional playing techniques – the fusion of all these elements makes a huge effort to whole sound. Traditions and innovations, ordinary rules and unconventional, shocking, maybe even crazy musical decisions meets here. Musicians are the masters of creative, modern and vital improvising. Hot, driving, noisy, nervous or even aggressive playing manner is one of the most important elements of all. It creates the main mood, active, intense and sharp sound and gives the main tune to melodic line. Open form is choosed for all compositions. It’s synthesized from various forms of avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical music. Musicians are taking on wild, thrilling and driving solos, making adventurous and passionate experiments or dive in huge range of colorful, gorgeous or simpy weird and strange timbres. Vinny Gollia is improvising with passion and expression. His solos are filled with contrasts, colors and expressions. Gentle, low and light solos of piccolo and alto flutes bring peaceful, warm and subtle mood. It creates a colorful and illustrative background, who is filled with engaging timbres, dizzy and impressive passages, ornaments and abbreviations. The most effective and beautiful places are the solos of saxophone or clarinet. That’s the instruments who reveal the best all wide range of playing techniques, manners, moods and characters, which Vinny Gollia marvelously fuses together in one place. Evocative and vital, furiously rapid and aggressive, sharp, shrieky and vigilent, or soft, passionate, dizzy, bright and engaging – many different moods are expressed here. Vibrant and powerful blow outs, bright and vivacious melodies are gently ornamented with gorgeous expressions, inventive musical decisions, innovative experiments and weird timbres. Vinny Golia’s improvisations meet the solos of another great saxophonsist Gianni Mimmo. Saxophonist has aggressive, sharp, modern and passionate playing style. He’s also open to fresh ideas, innovative ways of playing and fascinating musical experiments. The music is filled with enchanting solos, impressive and wild fast passages, colorful ornaments, engaging and remarkable melodies, terrific and powerful blow outs, shrieky and harsh tunes or soft, subtle and relaxing excerpts. All these elements are collected in one place in both musicians improvisations. Their duos and collective free improvisations certainly are the most beautiful, colorful, modern and bright places of whole album. Both musicians are improvising with pleasure – their playing is enchanting, admirable and innovative. Drive, imagination, hot passion, creativity and talent makes an effort to intense, spontaneous and innovative sound.

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