Edward Lucas & Daniel Thompson – “Six By Two Three By One” (Earshots Recordings, 2018)

“Six By Two Three By One” is the newest release of “Earshots Recordings’. Album was recorded by Edward Lucas (trombone) and Daniel Thompson (acoustic guitar). The musicians are creative and innovative jazz masters. They are famous at experimental avant-garde jazz scene. Improvisers are also collaborating with other central figures of American and international jazz scene. Both musicians have emotional and suggestive playing style, inventive instrumentation and innovative improvising. Their music is live and energetic – musicians fuse together many different styles, manners, moods and characters in one place. That makes a colorful, bright and rich musical pattern. Suggestive and expressive musical language contains dozens of different styles and elements – it’s a place where together meets free improvisation, avant-garde jazz, sound experiments, special effects, the main basics of modern and contemporary jazz or academic avant-garde intonations. All these things are connected together with passion, drive and creativity.

“Six By Two Three By One” is filled with bright, dynamic and expressive sound. Music is based on emotions, moods and characters – all these elements are combined and changed silmunateously. Both musicians making the highest priority to search of unusual timbres, special effects and production of innovative ways of playing. The music is based on avant-garde and experimental jazz. Free improvisation, wild, tremendous and terrific solos, inventive musical decisions, creative, colorful and innovative instrumentation, rich musical language, harsh and sharp harmony, dynamic rhythmic – these and many other things make a strong relation with avant-garde and experimental jazz. Musicians don’t avoid to use the newest innovations, shocking and crazy musical decisions or evocative expressions. They are dedicated to create bright, fresh and vital sound. Though they are using the newest and modern ways of playing, other frequently used innovations, musicians also don’t forget the basics of avant-garde jazz. Both of them are using the same manners, playing styles and ways of improvising, who were popular in 1960’s or 1970’s avant-garde jazz. Musicians are improvising with drive and expression. The aim of music isn’t just to repeat and play it precisely and at the highest quality. Both musicians are improvising with pleasure – it’s free, wild, crazy, driving and hot. Exotic combos, weird timbres, unusual chords, dynamic rhythms, silmunateously repeated series, monotonic rhythms or melodic elements also are frequently heard in these compositions. The melodic section is formed by both musicias. They create and varie beautiful, suggestive and individual melodies, who are independent, but still gently get along in contrasting and dynamic musical pattern. The duo of trombone and acoustic guitar combo is a rarely used instrumental combination. Here there’s a great opportunity to hear wide range of interesting, innovative, expressive and shocking timbres, musical decisions or sounds. Harsh, shrieky, loud and turbulent trombone’s solos bring intensive, vibrant and passionate sound. Loud, heavy, monotonic and static tunes are colored by gorgeous ornaments and dozens of unusual timbres. Trombone makes a solid bass line and forms firm, vibrant, bright and impressive melodic line. It gently fits together with acoustic guitar, who creates contrasting compound. Trembling, vibrant and extremely loud trombone solos’s are filled with passion, drive, hot thrills, touching melodies and special effects. Soft, warm and gentle guitar recovers the other side of this album. It’s soft, light and expressive at the same time. Subtle, silent and peaceful excerpts are combined together with passionate and engaging melodies, dynamic rhythms, enchanting and just impressive passages, wild thrills or moving, turbulent and terrific culminations. Both musicians are exploring the technical abilities of their instruments – that’s why their music is so engaging, wild and evocative. They break the conventional forms and change them to new ones. Open form is the main form of all compositions. That gives an opportunity for the musicians to improvise in other way. Musicians are improvising with wild energy, passion, thrill and expression – all these elements are connected with precise and the best playing technique and high quality of sound. But the most important of all – it’s their talent to invent, search and create marvelous, impressive and interesting sound.

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