Transient Canvas – “Wired” (New Focus Recordings, 2018)

“Wired” is the newest release of “New Focus Recordings”. Album was recorded by “Transient Canvas” – it’s a duo of Amy Advocat (bass clarinet) and Matt Sharrock (marimba). It’s a second edition dedicated to rare and exotic instrumental combination of bass clarinet and marimba. The compositions were written by various contemporary academical music composers – it’s Kirsten Volness, Peter Van Zandt Lane, David Ibbett, Lainie Fefferman, Rudolf Rojahn, Mischa Salkind-Pearl, and Dan VanHassel. All composers have individual and modern composing style – each of them has innovative point of view, is dedicated to find new, fresh and evocative playing techniques, ideas and expressions. Composers have a tendencie to head somewhere between the newest tendencies of academic avant-garde and the basics of XXth century music and traditions. The roots of modernism gently go along together with experimental music, academic avant-garde and the basics of contemporary academical music. The compositions are frequently written for rare, exotic or simply unusual instrumental combinations – composers search for new sounds, expand the volume of technical abilities and are dedicated to create rich, vital and innovative musical language. Both musicians who recording this album, already had been playing together many times. Their music is based on modern musical decisions, spontaneously created new and innovative conceptions, experimental ways of playing and unique sound. They had already recorded one edition of compositions, who are also dedicated for bass clarinet and marimba. Second album, just like the first one, is filled with fresh sounds, engaging ideas and fascinating musical experiments.

“Wired” is filled with remarkable and charming sound. The music is based on various strcutures, synthesized forms and different kinds of instrumentation. Each composition is different from the others. It has its own type of instrumentation, individual form, mood and character. Though, there are many differences between all the compositions, who were written by different composers, there’s also are the elements in common. Polyphony, polyrhythmy, multi-colorful and multi-layed musical pattern, rich and ornamented facture, free form, abstract and open structure, numerous of different types of rhythms, enchanting background, sharp harmony and huge range of expressions, abbreviations and special effects – this huge amount of elements contain the main part of the compositions. Each composer is dedicated to create something new and original – that’s why they are fusing together modern composing techniques, sound experiments, wild and crazy ideas or inventive and evocative musical decisions. Most part of the compositions has free form – it has many points who are related to free improvisation or even avant-garde and experimental jazz. All compositions discover wide range of technical abilities of bass clarinet and marimba. Each composer really shows his best abilities to create, discover and find something fresh, new and evocative. The music is varieying through dozens of different moods, types, characters, playing manners and styles. There are many elements who are related to romantism, post-romantism, impressionism, modernism, minimalism, post-modernism, experimental music and other styles of contemporary academical music. The citations of classical compositions of the most famous composers classicism, romantism and other centuries are used here. Precise excerpts are fused together with free improvisations, variations, timbres and sounds alterations, special effects and sound experiments in some places. The music is vivid and dynamic – it’s always in change. Vivid, passionate and light solos meet roaring and turbulent culminations, silent and relaxing pauses, abstract excerpts, moving and touching solos or charming passages. Pulsating and dynamic rhythmic is straight against hard beat, disco rhythms, free improvisations, sharp, agile and wild fast solos, monotonic tunes or gorgeous, enchanting and colorful timbres. Sad, angry and sorrow pieces gently go along with light, joyful, hilarious, humorous, scandalous, provocative or luminous culminations, dreamy, romantic and lyric excerpts or silent, meditative and peaceful episodes. Composers demonstrate their own, wide and impressive ability of fuse together contrasting and individual concepts – each of them has original and innovative composing style and rich musical language. The musicians are playing just marvelous – their interpretations are impressive and innovative. It’s a original and interesting example of emotional, driving and passionate playing, charming, remarkable and unique sound and precise, masterful and the best playing technique.

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