Joe McPhee / Hamid Drake – “Keep Going” (Corbett vs. Dempsey, 2018)

McPhee, Joe / Hamid Drake: Keep Going (Corbett vs. Dempsey)

“Keep Going”was released by “Corbett vs. Dempsey” this month. Album was recorded by Joe McPhee (alto saxophone, pocket trumpet) and Hamid Drake (drums). Two great musicians are marvelous, famous and innovative jazz masters. They surely are the main figures of American and international jazz scene. They are frequently concerting in various worldcountries, collaborating with other great jazz improvisers and create new, fresh, ambitious and bright ideas. Both improvisers have original and individual improvising style – it was created and masterfully improved  during the years of creative activity. Musicians are improvising with passion, drive, pleasure and expression. Their improvisations are especially emotional, bright, ambitious and wild. Unique sound, specific and effective playing manner, splendid playing technique, the best quality of sound and inventive, creative and brilliant improvising contain the main part in their music. Musicians are open to wild, crazy and adventurous musical decisions. They have their own and original point of view – that helps them to create enchanting, bright and innovative sound.

“Keep Going” has effective, loud and tremendous sound. This is a great opportunity to hear out innovative and marvelous improvisations by two impressive and famous jazz masters. Both of them are improvising innovative and expressive – their improvisations have rich and expressive musical language, sharp and unconventional harmony, experimental and innovative instrumentation, bright and luminous melodic line and pulsating rhythmic. All these elements contain bright, multi-layed and colorful musical pattern. Two jazz masters take on risky turns, spontaneous and sudden changes of moods, expressions and other elements. They also like to surprise the listener – exotic instrumental combos, unconventional musical decisions, wild and crazy special effects, unusual timbres and huge variety of expressions, feelings, characters and moods make an effort to whole sound. Musicians give the highest priority to search of unusual timbres, special effects and creation of new, innovative, adventurous and interesting sound. Bordering dynamics, numerous of rhythms and chords, gorgeous timbres, expansion of technical abilities of instruments, giant variety of styles, scales and other elements – these and other elements are joined together by contrast. Musicians are playing with sound, playing technique, timbres, expressions and scales. These elements duo manages to fuse together in one place in organic, natural and innovative way. Both musicians are improvising just marvelous – each of them is showing up the best, most effective and impressive elements of playing style. Joe McPhee’s improvisations are hot, wild, dizzy and passionate. Musician, as usual, is improvising with pleasure, passion and expression. Many different elements are joint in one place here – warm, expressive and hot melodies, passionate, dizzy and glamorous passages, enchanting and impressive solos, vibrant blow outs, powerful, tremendous and frantic culminations, free and spontaneous improvisations or subtle, silent and relaxing improvisations, searches of weird and extraordinary timbres, experimental instrumentation and dozens of other elements bring effective, wild, thrilling and simply marvelous sound of saxophone and trumpet. Vivid, bright, luminous and terrific solos bring life, energy and drive to the compositions, give the main tune and mood of all compositions. Musician masterfully forms and keeps solid, gorgeous, expressive and independent melodic line – it rests through whole album and certainly is the most important element of improvisations. Hamid Drake’s drums section is filled with roaring rolls, vivid and enchanting passages, passionate solos, ambitious and bright arpeggios, colorful glissando, gorgeous timbres of percussion or subtle, slow and static episodes. Tha huge range of rhythms and sounds makes an effort to bright, firm, solid and enchanting rhythmic section. The compositions mostly are somewhere between avant-garde, experimental and modern jazz. Turbulent, terrific and passionate improvisations are played just marvelous, with passion, enormous expression and energy. Both musicians show their best and impressive compounds of their improvising style – that makes an effort to bright, colorful, driving and touching sound.


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