Pulverize the Sound – “sequel” (More Is More, 2018)

“sequel” is the newest release of “More Is More Records” label. Albom was recorded by trio “Pulverize The Sound”. Trio is formed by Peter Evans (trumpet), Tim Dahl (electric bass) and Mike Pride (drums, percussion, nose flute & moose call). The music of trio is fresh, evocative and exciting. Expression, passion, drive, innovations and musical experiments are the main compounds of all their compositions. Three jazz masters are very well-known in American avant-garde jazz scene. They have original playing manner, like to experiment in sound and instrumentation’s sections, invent new ways of playing and make pleasant surprises or drastic changes. The musical language always is vital, dynamic, rich and expressive. Dozens of musical language’s elements are gently mixed together. Free improvisation, avant-garde and experimental jazz certainly contain the main basic of the musical pattern. It’s the aim of their music – improvisers always are dedocated to create thrilling, passionate, creative, organic and innovative sound. They also want to try out soething new, add unusual chords, bright colors or unheard sounds to the musical pattern to make it more live and energetic. All that trio manages to do brilliantly – their improvisations are great result of collaboration, creative and masterful improvising and suggestive synthesis of essential compounds of musical pattern.

“sequel” is filled with new ideas, innovative conceptions , open forms and pleasant surprises. Three musicians are doing as best as they can – their improvisations have just fantastic and terrific sound. Wide range of playing techniques, modern and shocking instrumentation, exotic combos, fusions of different styles, bright and luminous improvisations, free, adventurous, extraordinary and crazy experiments are just small part of the compositions. The music is full of action – it’s moving, rolling, filled with hot thrills, energetic and roaring spills, flowing and charming melodies and modern harmony and rhythmic. From vivid and joyful solos it gets to angry, screamy and dramatic, shady and luminous episodes, lousy and passionate interpretations, bright culminations, brave musical decisions, noisy and powerful experiments and etc. All kinds of different musical language elements are used to colorfully illustrate and form solid, independent and bright musical pattern. Rich musical language has multi-layered and colorful musical pattern. Each lay of it has its own and specific sound. Open form is the main principe of form which is used here. It’s synthesized from various forms of contemporary academical music and main principes of free improvisation. Musicians don’t hesitate to make brave, provocative or drastic musical decisions. They frequently break the rules, conventional playing techniques and tendencies of improvising by changing them to innovative, bright and modern ways of playing and improvising. Their innovative point of view and masterful ability to improvise collectively effects whole sound and sompositions. The music is based on innovative and fresh ideas, extravagant ways of improvising, experimental playing techniques and etc. It’s gently fit with roots of avant-garde jazz. Musicians never forget the roots and main principes of avant-garde jazz. There are many melodic, rhythmic and coloristic intonations who are related to famous jazz theme of great avant-garde jazz improvisers or other tendencies of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. Bright, exclusive and luminous trumpet by Peter Evans is the most illustrative and loud from all three instruments of the trio. Improviser masterfully manages to switch extremely loud or silent sounds, bordering dynamics, sharp and modern harmony, dynamic rhythmic and dozens of timbres, expressions and moods. Flowing melodies, remarkable and expressive solos, exclusive, dizzy and charming passages, turbulent, noisy and scandalous culminations really are the most effective and beautiful places of whole album. It effects other sections of album and make music more colorful, intensive and evocative. Tim Dahl is playing electric bass here. He adds dozens of colors, synthesized sounds and expressions to common musical pattern. Experimental ways of playing form whole instrumentation’s section, bright and colorful expressions illustrate the musical pattern, subtle, peaceful and free episodes gives the possibility to improvise free and without any frames. Improviser searches for new and weird timbres, provocative musical decisions and original ways of playing. All that he manages to do just splendidly – his music is like a brilliant, which is charming, glimpsing with dozens of colors, expressions, sounds and timbres. It forms solid and stable bass line and illustrate the melodic section. Mike Pride’s drum’s section – energetic, vivid, moving and luminous. Sparkling solos, rapid and wild passages, dizzy and charming melodies, Afroamerican, American, Western European rhythmic forms are connected with basics of avant-garde jazz. Suggestive, exciting and marvelous playing makes an effort to illustrative, dramatic and turbulent sound. All music of this album is based on spontanity and impression – most part of it is created accodentally and naturally connected with other episode or mood. All that is made in organic way, by using innovative instrumentation, wild fast and moving solos, charming and furiously rapid passages, slow and subtle excerpts, dcandalous culminations or hot, driving and passionate spills of energy.

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