Agustí Fernández & Sarah Claman – “Antipodal Suite” (Sirulita Records, 2018)

“Antipodal Suite” is the newest release of “Sirulita Records”. Album was recorded by Agusti Fernandez (piano) and Sarah Claman (violin). Duo creates fascinating, enchanting, impressive and passionate in most part of their music. The compositions are mostly based on free improvisation, avant-garde jazz and the newest tendencies of contemporary academical and experimental music ideas. Innovative point of view, fresh and brave ideas, crazy and wild musical decisions, enchanting instrumentation and wide range of expressions and other ornamental musical language’s elements make huge effort to whole sound. Both musicians are the masters of their art. Precise, marvelous and charming playing techniques, unique sound, suggestive, dramatic and expressive playing manner, dozens of gorgeous timbres and sounds, special effects and sound experiments of whole types – these things are the most important part of their music. Improvisers have their own and unique playing style – they are creating charming, passionate, marvelous and unconventional sound, which is simply beautiful and impressive at the same time.

“Antipodal Suite” is filled with extravagant musical decisions, innovative and expressive instrumentation, vivid musical language and dozens of gorgeous timbres, sounds and expressions. Rapidness, action, drive, vitality, expression and hot passion joins together in the music of improvisers. Their playing is especially expressive, moving, emotional and mixed from millions of contrasting pieces, expressions, emotions and moods. Musicians are using innovative playing techniques, who also create vivd, suggestive, expressive and charming mood. That makes an effort to sound experiments, search and production of weird timbres, harsh noises and exotic combos. Both musicians are experienced and talented improvisers. They also are real experimentators. The will to search and construct new forms, change old rules to new and unconventional ways of improvising meet with charming, driving and touching playing style and sound. Agusti Fernandez is marvelous and innovative pianist. His music is like a huge mosaic, constructed from dozens of different pieces. Motions, conceptual playing techniques, innovative ways of playing, harsh and sharp sounds – these basics help pianist to achieve natural, organic, charming and exceptional result. Each element has its own place in Agusti Fernandez improvisations. Though where are millions of different moods, expressions, playing techniques, ways of improvising and other things, everything in his compositions is on order, there’s no chaos or too static episodes. The pianist surprisingly travels through different moods and expressions. Vital, expressive and remarkable melodies, passionate, charming and dizzy solos, impressive and wild fast passages are frequently heard. There’s also place left for calm, solemn and lyrical mood – abstract, silent and peaceful episodes shows the other side of the musician: contemplative, relaxing and soft. Repetitive rhythmic and melodic series also are used sometimes along with modern and sharp harmony, dynamic rhythmic and furiously fast, turbulent and roaring culminations. Pianist shows the masterful ability of sudden changes. He can be different – very tight, silent and soft, moving, passionate and vital, expressive, dramatic, harsh, angry or even – furious and aggressive. All the characters and moods are connected together in one place. The elements of bebop, post bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles are connected with free improvisation, avant-garde jazz and its basic styles and streams. Most part of his improvising is based on spontanity. Pianist accidentally, dynamically and spontaneously varies between different emotions, silmunateously changes the moods. uses bordering dynamics and especially wide range of playing techniques and expressions. It’s real pleasure to listen to the piano improvisations – it’s colorful, bright, remarkable, gorgeous and adventurous. Sarah Claman is another one great violinist – who has remarkable style, exceptional playing technique and unique sound. Her compositions are based on free improvisations, basics of avant-garde jazz and compounds of modern, progressive and contemporary jazz, as well as, intonations and main instrumental tendencies of contemporary academical music. Violin improvisations are moving and dynamic – it’s filled with dramatic and sparkling risings, roaring and touching culminations, shrieky sounds, wild fast and thrilling passages and episodes of relaxing, peaceful and silent mood. Violinist can easily and effectively varie between dozens of different playing techniques and expressions. Same as Agusti Fernandez, she demonstrates marvelous playing technique, the most precise virtuosity and fascinating musical experiments. She masterfully jumps into different mood to another – the changes are made  spontaneously, as an accident and in effective, bright and innovative way. Violinist likes eclectic combos, unpredictable changes, surprises and risky musical decisions. That hears in her music all the time – from agile, vital and expressive improvisations she runs in extremely speedy, charing and passionate solos, virtuosic and dizzy passages, or rise to adventurous, dramatic, nervous and aggressive culminations. Sometimes she turns out to silent pauses, slow comtemplations, abstract and free improvisations or simply silent and calm pieces. Her exceptional sound, touching playing style and marvelous playing techniques is demonstrated in active pieces. Slow episodes let the listener to hear the other side of her playing – these episodes are the main place of sound experiments and adventurous musical decisions. Here improviser tries to expand the zone of sound and technical abilities of violin. Huge variety of gorgeous, interesting, weird, provocative, rough or soft, strange or simply outrageous timbres are extracted here. The music of this album is charming. innovative, dynamic and passionate.

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