Mountweazel – “Doublethink” (Aut Records, 2018)

“Doublethink” is new release of “Aut Records”. Album was recorded by “Mountweazel” – it’s great quartet of innovative improvisers. Here Federico Eterno (alto saxophone), Davide Lorenzon (tenor saxophone), Antti Virtaranta (double bass) and Adrian David Krok (drums) play together. They had been improvising and collaborating together many times. Since the quartet was formed, musicians had created exceptional sound and innovative conception of their music. Avant-garde jazz is the base of most part of the compositions. It’s condensed with bebop, post bop, neo bop, soft intonations of modal, progressive and modern jazz, contemporary academical music, exoperimental and electronic music and other styles of music. Avant-garde jazz is highly related with free improvisation. Musicians are truly experimentators – they don’t like to make their music in traditional frames or forms. They are searching for new, interesting, brave and innovative ways of improvising. That they manage to do just great – most part of their compositions is based on fresh and evocative ideas, wild and thrilling sound, sharp and expressive playing manner and modern way of improvising.

“Doublethink” is very expressive and emotional. Four musicians are individual and independent players, who have their own and innovatieve sound. Their improvisations are based on colorful and multi-layed musical language, bright and difficult pattern, collective improvisation and dynamic rhythmic. These five basics are illustrated with numerous of coloristics, expressions, timbres and playing techniques. Musicians have illustrative and imaginary musical language – it’s vivid, expressive, dramatic, emotional and passionate. Free structure, spontaneous improvising, impressive instrumentation and sound experiments make an effort to solid and suggestive background. Open form doesn’t close musicians in some quadratic and strict structure – it’s always changing along with changes of musical language. Musicians are experimenting in all cases of musical language. That mostly hears in instrumentation section – they extract new timbres, take on risky and adventurous turns, make eclectic fusions and exotic combos of timbres, instruments, styles or expressions. That makes an effort to impressive and vivid musical language and active, dynamic and expressive mood of album. Federico Eterno and Davide Lorenzon keep solid, moving, bright and vibrant saxophones section. Alto and tenor saxophones contain base of melodic pattern. The firm, gentle, passionate and moving melodic line is leaded by two great saxophonists. Thrilling solos, passionate and expressive melodies, vivid, gentle and light excerpts, sorrowful downs, aggressive, dramatic, sharp and powerful culminations or dizzy and furiousyl fast passages – charming and gorgeous variety of musical language’s elements is made here. Both saxophonists are improvising together or solo – they duos are extremely violent, sharp, powerful and moody. They fuse together two independent melodies, who are filled with attractive and suggestive playing manner, sharp and vibrant sound, timbral experiments, innovative instrumentation and violent, roaring and moving blow outs. It touches all sections of musical language – brings expressive mood of album and effects the formation of rhythmical and harmonical section. Double bass improvisations by Antti Virtaranta also make an effort to melodic section – it colorfully illustrates it with virtuosic passages, wild fast solos, gorgeous timbres, monotonic tunes and firm bass line. The music of gentle, light and moving saxophones is gently joined with vibrant, deep, dynamic and colorful double bass. Improviser shows wide spectre of playing techniques and colors, which can be produced by double bass. He also uses unconventional ways of playing along with traditions and usual forms. Solid, firm and suggestive bass line, subtle pieces, relaxing and gorgeous excerpts, bright, luminous and expressive culminations, turbulent and roaring improvisations and many other things – that makes an effort to bright, suggestive and dynamic sound. Adrian David Krok is leading drum’s section. Drummer likes risky turns, sudden changes, eclectic combos and exotic instrumental decisions. Free, pulsating and dynamic rhythmic figures are against static, monotonic and slow rhythms, Afroamerican music rhythmic forms, gorgeous timbres, colorful ornaments and other elements of musical language. Liek the rest part of the musical pattern, drums section is moody, colorful, luminous, expressive and passionate. The music of this album has impressive sound who is mixed with innovative and interesting musical decisions. That makes an effort to simply beautiful, modern, evocative and passionate music.

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