Paul Dunmall / Philip Gibbs / Neil Metcalfe / Ashley John Long – “Seascapes” (FMR, 2018)

Dunmall, Paul / Philip Gibbs / Neil Metcalfe / Ashley John Long : Seascapes (FMR)

“Seascapes” is the newest release of “FMR” label. Album was recorded by four famous and talented jazz masters – Paul Dunmall (tenor, soprano saxophones), Philip Gibbs (guitar), Neil Metcalfe (flute) and Ashley John Long (bass). Music of quartet is bright, extravagant and modern. Musicians have been playing together for a long time – as a duo, trio, quartet or in combos with other musicians. Improvisers are interesting and evocative musicians – they are full of fresh ideas and innovations. Experiments in every possible way or section of musical language – that’s the main idea of their playing, They are paying the highest attention to search of weird timbres, unusual instrumentation, experimental ways of playing, extremely huge variety of expressions and other elements of musical language. Base of compositions is formed by avant-garde jazz basics and expressive, sharp and aggressive modern jazz. Sometimes musicians are using soft intonations of contemporary, modal or progressive jazz, also academical and experimental music. Free improvisation always is the key of their music – it always consists the main and most important element of the compositions. Musicians are improvising with passion and expression – they are always creating fresh, interesting, evocative and remarkable sound.

“Seascapes” is a set of expressive, wild and terrific improvisations. The traditions of American avant-garde jazz, especially New York and Chicago streams, are connected with Scandinavian, European and other newest tendencies of experimental jazz styles. The music is live, active, dynamic and turbulent. Musicians like to improvise all together – collective and free improvisation remains the main priority of all four musicians. Flowing and sparkling saxophones melodies, roaring solos, vibrasnt blow outs, passionate and remarkable melodies, extravagant combos, exotic ways of playing, solid, hard and tight core… It’s very hard to mention all the elements, who form the main base of pattern. Difficult facture, synthetic form, polyphonic and multi-layed pattern, rich and colorful musical language with numerous of expressions, timbres and coloristic elements – that’s the main base of each composition. Musicians combine everything in one place – the compositions are created spontaneously for the most of the time. That also gives an effort to whole sound – makes it attractive and brings real pleasure to listen. Whole huge variety of timbres, sounds, expressions and other elements is filled with universal kit of instrumentation and dozens of diffferent colors. Saxophones solos bring wild, crazy and thrilling motion to improvisations – vivid, expressive and passionate solos, wild fast passages, charming and remarkable melodies, eclectic and exotic stylistic intonations, contrasting concepts, dramatic culminations and silent downs – Paul Dunmall again demonstrates his own and remarkable way of improvising and unique sound. He has expressive, bright, luminous and effective playing manner – it’s based on avant-garde and modern jazz styles. Philip Gibbs is famous guitarist and long time collaborator of Paul Dunmall. His improvisations are as much surprising, adventurous and splendid as energetic and terrific saxophones. The playing manner is based on unique sound, experiments in timbres and instrumentation section, innovative ways of playing and soft synthesis with rock. Hard core, electric and suggestive sound, bursts of energy, monotonic rhythmic is mixed with adventurous spontaneous solos, changes of moods, bordering dynamics and remarkable musical language. Duos between these two musicians are just wonderful – it’s energetic, vibrant, thrilling, based on sparkling solos and wild bursts of energy. Flute by Neil Metcalfe and bass melodies created by Ashley John Long form subtle and gentle side of the music. It recovers other mood of improvisations – relaxing, tight and smooth solos mixed along with passionate, sparkling and hot passages, dramatic culminations or deep and solid bass line. Conceptual musical decisions, unconventional ways of playing and return basck to the roots – these things base the main part of compositions. The basic elements of 1960’s and 1970’s avant-garde jazz are used here – it’s gently goes along with the newest tendencies of experimental jazz, soft intonations of academical music and sound experiments. The music of this album is surprising and gorgeeous – musicians manage to dive through wide range of emotions, characters, moods, playing techniques and other elements of musical language. Together they create impressive and vivid compositions.

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