Walter Faehndrich / Christy Doran / Remo Schnyder / Samuel Wettstein – ‘Âme Sèche’ (Leo Records, 2018)

CD LR 827

‘Âme Sèche’ is the newest release of “Leo Records”. Album was recorded by a quartet – it’s Walter Faehndrich (viola, voice), Christy Doran (electric guitar), Remo Schnyder (saxophone) and Samuel Wettstein (synthesizer). The musicians are interesting players and improvisers. They ave their own and original playing style, specific and effective playing manner and unique sound. Musicians base their compositions on synthesis between academic avant-garde and avant-garde jazz. The musicians are searching all the time for new sounds, special effects, weird and outragheous timjbres, expressive and innovative musical decisions and shocking music experiments. They are balancing in the middle of bursting, hot, expressive, passionate and thrilling free improvisation, spontaneous and vivid mprovising, musical experiments and main elements of various contemporary academical music elements. Artsy, innovative, expressive and contrasting mix of absolutely different music genres and styles makes an effort to production of remarkable, natural, interesting and vivacious sound of these musicians compositions. All four musicians really are the masters of improvising – they masterfully jump through dozens of different moods, expressions, make vital, surprising and dynamic stylistic turns and manage to create extraordinary and effective sound.

‘Âme Sèche’ is filled with organic, polyphonic and rich sound and multi-layed musical pattern. Wide stylistic variety also is heard here – musicians are varieying between strict, traditional and typical elements of classical music, fuse together passionate, thrilling, spontaneous, impressive and marvelous solos, synthetic electronics sounds, innovative and original academic avant-garde and experimental music. The marvelous synthesis between these bright, independent and conceptual music genres helps musicians to create extraordinary, astonishing, impressive and remarkable sound. The form of the compositions is sytnhesized from ordinary forms of classical music, open forms of avant-garde jazz and various modern forms of contemporary academical music. The compositions of this album are based on two independent music styles, wo are contrasting with each other all the time. Musicians have original and innovative point of view at most part of musical language elements. Instrumentation is modern and innovative, based on experimental, vital, unconventional and provocative musical decisions. Sharp, harsh, aggressive and bright harmony also brings dramatic, expressive and passionate sound of contemporary academical music. Dynamic rhythmic is based on many different rhythmic forms, who are used together – that finally leads to polyrhythmy, polyharmony and polystylistic variety of the compositions. The musicians have the ability too use modern, interesting, effective and innovative playing techniques, which are masterfullyj oined together in one place. That forms strong, independent, bright and multi-layed musical pattern. emarkable and chamring melodies, strong and firm harmonic section, stable rhythmic basement, special effects, gorgeous, outrageous and weird timbres, bright, original and innovative musical decisions, impressive instrumentation, dozens of ornaments, abbreviations and other similar elements – all these things effect the creation of polyphonic, dramatic, moving, rich and touching musical pattern and its contrasting layers. Musicians are dedicated to create innovative and fresh sound – they change traditional musical language elements to extraordinary, experimental, specific and unexpectable musical decisions, whic hare used in surprising and natural way. They refuse typical forms with strictly quadratic structure, traditional ways of improvising, conventional and very well-known playing techniques and ordinary instrumentation. Instead of that, they are dedicated to search, produce and extract new, fresh and innovative musical decisions, brave and exotic instrumental combinations, provocative musical decisions, bright and intense experiments or make simply weird, crazy or adventurous stylistic turns, changes or twists. All the musical facture and pattern are created by all four musicians. Vivivd, moving, touching and chamring saxophone melodies, heavy, iintense and vibrant electric guitar solos, passionate, turbulent and dramatic drums solos, dynamic, expressive and energetic viola melodies, specific and interesting voice are mixed with alterated sounds, imitations of various noises or sounds, sonic system experiments and other elements of electronics… This huge variety of musical language elements and wide arsenal of playing techniques and special effects form the base of this music. That makes an effort to original, bright, remarkable and innovative sound.

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