Samuel Blaser – ‘Early in The Mornin” (Outhere, 2018)


‘Early in The Mornin” is the newest release of “Outhere Music’. Album was recorded by Russ Lossing (keyboards), Samuel Blaser (trombone), Masa Kamaguchi (bass), Gerry Hemingway (drums) and guest stars Oliver Lake (alto saxophone at pieces 1 and 6) and Wallace Roney (trumpet at pieces 5 and 6). Famous, creative and always full of original and innovative ideas – that’s how we can call the musicians of this sextet. Their music is adventurous, filled with passionate, bright and charming sound. Eclectic stylistic combinations, innovative playing techniques, outrageous and strange timbres, rich, colorful and modern musical language, exotic instrumental pairs and astonishing musical experiments are very frequently used in their compositions. The base of musician’s improvisations is free improvisation and avant-garde jazz elements. Musicians are the masters of spontaneous, moody, bright and intense improvising. They are also open to innovative and fresh ideas, brave musical decisions, noisy and extraordinary musical experiments and the production of new and colorful timbres. All these elements are joint together and make an effort to remarkable, vivacious and original sound.

‘Early in The Mornin”is fullfilled with rich, contrasting and multi-layed musical pattern, bright and marvelous instrumentation, original and intensive sound and wide range of musical language elements. The compositions of this album are played by famous and creative musicians – here together plays improvisers of contemporary and modern jazz along with jazz legends Oliver Lake and Wallace Roney. Even though, these improvisers are playing just in several pieces, that makes a great opportunity to hear young, talented and innovative jazz masters improvising together with central figures of American avant-garde jazz scene. The musical pattern is created collectively by all musicians – each of them has active, bright, passionate and hot playing manner. Synthesis between free jazz and various modern, contemporary jazz styles and blues makes an exceptional and adventurous sound. Subtle, free and abstract form, bright, passionate and interesting solos, intense blow outs, roaring, turbulent and terrific improvisations contain the main base of musicians improvisations. That forms gorgeous, polyphonic and multi-layed musical pattern and expressive musical language. Solid, loud and intense melodic section really is one of the most important elements of whole musical pattern. It’s filled with live, vivacious, energetic and vivid melodies, who are created in a different way by each musician. The colorful and emotional dialogues between various instruments make a strong and effective contrast – musicians are playing all the time with sudden and unpredictable changes of moods, sounds, timbres, emotions and expressions. The melodic section is based on polyphony, polyrhythmy and dozens of different chords. The intonations of blues make an expressive and moving sound, give huge amount of different colors and playing techniques. Blues is mixed with calm, relaxing and romantic solos, expressive, touching, moving and furiously fast passages, rapid and heavy episodes, turbulent improvisations and dramatic culminations. Music is in change all the time – from the silent, relaxing and meditative solos it goes straight to adventurous and rigorous solos, dramatic, suggestive and tremendous duos, roaring and luminous blow outs or repetitive mood. Terrific, vivacious, light and moving saxophone’s solos, bright, loud and intense trumpet, dark, heavy and powerful trombone – spontaneous and free solos, duos or trios of brasses and reeds surely are the most effective and expressive places of the album. It’s gently ornamented by subtle, moving, touching, attractive and passionate bass solos. It also reveals the main elements of musicians playing style and ability to improvise in the spot and use inventive musical decisions. Vibrant, loud and shrieky or silent, tight and relaxing – bass solos have all wide spectre of timbres and expressions. Drums section is moving and attractive – drummer masterfully twists together different playing techniques, original playing manners, bright and exotic instruments and make other interesting musical decisions. Moving and roaring energy’s explosions, bright, charming and dramatic solos, short rhythmic forms, unusual timbres, subtle and free pieces, spontaneous improvisations – these and many other elements bring remarkable and inventive sound. The compositions have vibrant, fascinating, frantic and energetic sound, who is created by cordial, passionate, warm and innovative improvising of all six musicians.

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