Pavillon Rouge – ‘Solution n°5’ (LFDS, 2018)

‘Solution n°5’ is a new release of ‘LFPS’ records. Album was recorded by three French jazz masters – it’s Nicolas Souchal (trumpet, bugle), Matthias Mahler (trombone) and Jean-Marc Foussat (dispositive electro-acoustic). Three jazz improvisers are great and creative musicians, who have original and innovative playing style. The music is based on a mix between various traditions, playing styles, techniques, expressions and other musical language elements of different centuries and genres. Musicians are the masters of swithcing between many different moods and expressions – their music has a huge amplitude of sound, wide range of unusual timbres, strange sounds and eclectic stylistic combinations. Avant garde jazz, contemporary and experimental jazz styles, progressive and modern jazz intonations are gently and organically fused with contemporary academical music, intense, bright and innovative electronics, electro-acoustics and other elements of contemporary academical and experimental music styles. From stormy, dark, aggressive and provocative episodes – to the silent, dreamy, romantic, sweet and gentle pieces. All kinds and types of contrasting emotions and characters are gently mixed together in one place sensibly and expressively. Masterful and precise playing goes along all the time with, bright, passionate, marvelous and vibrant improvising – it makes remarkable and charming sound.

‘Solution n°5’ is filled with innovative musical decisions and extraordinary ways of playing. Musicians of the trio follow the basics of their conception and use main elements of their playing styles. They not hesitate to experiment in various fields of musical language – traditional forms are organically mixed with new and open forms of avant-garde jazz, free improvisation marvelously integrates in polyphonic and difficult musical pattern. Traditional instrumental combinations are used all together with experimental, eclectic and extraordinary ways of playing. Musicians re always searching for new, original, fresh and evocative musiacal decisions in any section of musical language. Bordering and shocking dynamics, synthesis of acoustics and electronics, minimalism and free improvisation, experimental music, academic avant-garde and contemporary, progressive and avant-garde jazz… – these contrasting and interesting combinations are just the part of conceptual, shocking and innovative musical decisions who are used here, in this album. Inventive, original, expressive and passionate playing style makes an effort to whole musical pattern. Musician’s experiments break the traditions and conventional rules of musical language – artsy and creative fusion is constructed from many different music styles, expressions and experiments. Open form, dynamic and pulsating rhythmic, unusual and bright sounds, unconventional musical language elements, hot and sharp playing manner, repetitive and serialistic music elements, intonations of dodecaphony, serialism, minimalism and post-minimalism, other styles of modernism music contain the main basic of the compositions. Even though it looks like, that musicians are jumping from one mood to another, the music is constructed smoothly, with love, invention and passion. Every mood, motion, character, rhythm or chord has its own place here – musicians mix together the elements, who are absolutely different from each other. Smooth, light and gentle solos are fused with dramatic, roaring, eclectic and pneumatic explosions of energy, calm, repetitive and relaxing pieces are connected with hot sparkles, passionate thrills or turbulent blow outs. This is the music of contrasts, who contain the main part of musical language. Multi-layed pattern, polyphonic facture, independent melodies of acoustics and fascinating timbres of electronics – that’s the base of the compositions. Trumpet and trombone duos are especially vibrant and bright – it’s filled with intense turns, bright and sudden stylistic changes, emotional and expressive solos, roaring, violent, turbulent and marvelous blow outs, charming riffs or dreamy, solemn, soft and silent episodes. Interesting sounds of bugle and electro-acoustics makes a marvelous combination with dramatic and luminous solos. Huge variety of colorful and interesting timbres, gorgeous sounds, bright and passionate improvisations, original playing techniques of electronics and dispositive electro-acoustics make intense, solid and original background. All three musicians are improvising wonderful – their musical language is exceptional and rich. Loops, repetitive rhythms, menotonic melodies, gorgeous sounds, glitch, drone, computer sounds, imitations and alterations of sounds, tunings, the elements of puantilism, serialism and minimalism, newest musical experiments and fresh, evocative and intense musical decisions – all these elements contain an important part of these improvisations and its style. All these elements are marvelously synthesized together and make an evocative, vivacious, bright and passionate sound.

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