Michael Foster / Ben Bennett – ‘Lives’ (Anticausal System, 2018)

‘Lives’ is a new release of ‘Anticausal System’ label. The album was recorded by a duo – Michael Foster (saxophones, objects) and Ben Bennett (drums, percussion, membranes). Both musicians are playing brightly and expressively – their music filled with sound explosions, turbulent and active free improvisations and inspiring playing manner. Musicians had created impressive, engaging and suggestive playing style, who also effects all other elements of his compositions – remarkable and bright solos, unique sound, contrasting, marvelous and inspiring structure, melodies and rhythmic section. Their compositions usually have luminous and solid melodic section, dynamic and active rhythmic base, pulsating rhythmic and energetic energy explosions. All these elements are heard the most frequently in their improvisations. The music is filled with main elements of avant-garde jazz, sound experiments, innovative instrumentation, inventive musical decisions, traditions, which were created by the most famous jazz masters and expressed by the improvisers of contemporary avant-garde jazz scene, and many other elements. The music is filled with extraordinary and extravagant musical decisions and has interesting, passionate and bright sound.

‘Lives’ is filled with bright timbres, evocative musical decisions, strange noises and passionate improvisations. Pulsating and dynamic rhythmic, various rhythmicforms, highly contrasting with others, colorful harmony, sharp and harsh dissonances, gorgeous timbres, free form, abstract, multi-layed and polyphonic musical pattern – all these elements form the basic of the compositions. Fusions of unpredictable and different music styles, expressions, genres and dynamics – musicians like to make interesting choices and create unusual timbral, rhythmic or instrumental combinations. The music is filled with bright and original turns, drastic and shocking stylistic waves – musicians not hesitate to break the rules, change the traditional forms and frames of improvising. Their improvisations are based on completely free and abstract form – individual melodies, illustrated with dozens of gorgeous ornaments, sensible and dizzy passages, soft, sweet and romantic pieces, which are put against the depressive, dark, aggressive, harsh and roaring blow outs, passionate and dramatic culminations or simply franky, touching and impressive solos. The range of musical language’s elements make rich, gorgeous and effective musical pattern. Both musicians are creating a common musical pattern – their melodies gently go along together and make enchanting, charming and extraordinary sound. Michael Foster saxophone’s solos are based on energetic and active mood. The music is fulfilled with passionate solos, dizzy and glimpsy pieces, flowing, bright, energetic and especially expressive melodies and impulssive switches to the different moods and fascinating musical experiments. Saxophonist has an original and suggestive playing manner and style – it’s based on the synthesis of free improvisation, avant-garde and experimental jazz and various streams and styles of modern jazz. Bebop, post bop, hard bop, neo bop and other similar styles are the most brightly heard. Expression, moving and touching improvising, attractive and original playing manner, innovative instrumentation, bright, fresh and modern musical language, filled with extravagant decisions or drastic turns make an effort to remarkable and innovative sound of saxophone’s improvisations. Ben Bennett drum’s section is bright, evocative and based on real sound explosions. Afroamerican music rhythmes, Western Africa ethnic music forms are fused together with moody, dynamic, surprising and remarkable free improvisations, roaring drum rolls, bright and intense culminations or sudden passings to the silent and abstract pieces. All these elements are masterfully combined together – it’s important to say, that both musicians are searching and creating new and innovative ways of playing, strange and original methods of instrumentation. They are trying to find extravagant, interesting and original way to fuse all these elements together. That makes an effort to charming, bright, passionate and tremendous improvising and unique sound.


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