Jerome Noetinger / Robert Piotrowicz / Anna Zaradny – ‘CRACKFINDER’ (Musica Genera, 2018)

‘CRACKFINDER’ is a new release of “Musica Genera” – it was released on September, 15. Album was recorded by Jérôme Noetinger (revox tape machine, electronics), Robert Piotrowicz (synthesizer) and Anna Zaradny (saxophone). Improvisations of this trio are based on creative, free, colorful and abstract synthesis between accoustics and electronics, free jazz, avant-garde and experimental jazz, contemporary academical music, bright and contrasting episodes and evocative musical language. The music is filled with extravagant and unusual decisions and stylistic waves – outrageous turns, sudden changes, luminous solos, electric and energetic blasts of energy and all kinds of scales, rhythmic and expressions. The musicians are trying out new musical decisions, rare, bright and strange timbres, innovative playing techniques, new forms and fresh sound. Each of them improvise brightly, gorgeously, passionately, likes to break the traditional rules, conventional harmony, classical form and other elements of musical language. Three outstanding jazz masters have inspiring, creative, engaging and bright playing style, which effects innovative and sparkling sound of their improvisations.

‘CRACKFINDER’ is filled with interesting musical decisions and bright instrumentation. Musicians are choosing dozens of different rhythms, rhythmic forms, harmony chords, styles, methods of instrumentation, dynamics, timbres and other elements of musical langauge. Free jazz and soft intonations of contemporary and progressive jazz, experimental jazz and contemporary academical music, experimental music and the elements of concrete, sonoristic and spectral music, electronics and enormously huge variety of innovative ways of playing of acoustic instruments, ambient music and rock styles, minimalism and academic avant-garde… These styles and elements of musical language are just a little part of the basic of these compositions. Musicians are experienced, inventive and talented improvisers – they are trying to find the best way, how to connect contrasting and uncompairable elements of musical language. Becuase of their inventive, passionate, creative and evocative improvising, many colorful, expressive and marvelous synthesis between different musical language elements were created and joined the main musical pattern. Three musicians are improvising absolutely different and individually. Their music is based on independent melodies, dynamic rhythmic, moving solos, rapid and virtuosic passages, various playing techniques of electronics and acoustics, unknown timbres, strange noises and other special effects. Independent, evocative, charming and colorful improvisations create a rich and innovative musical pattern, abstract form and form multi-layed and polyphonic facture. The music is more like a bridge who is connecting different cultures, styles, ages, musical language elements and other things. Saxophone improvisations by Anna Zaradny are filled with expressive, bright and original twists and colorful turns. Musician is trying out new ways of playing, she breaks the frames of traditional improvising – main elements of avant-garde jazz are connected together with the newest tendencies of experimental jazz styles. Musician integrates all together free improvisation, recouvers her own, charming and fresh playing manner, dynamic stylistic changes, silmunateous usage of different playing techniques and colorful musical expressions. The improvisations of the saxophone are based on free improvisation and main elements of avant-garde jazz styles. That joins together 1960’s avant-garde jazz pioneers, their compositions, newest tendencies of experimental jazz and individual, unique and passionate elements and playing techniques. created by saxophonist on her own. Sparkling solos, dizzy and charmingly fast passages, roaring. loud, powerful and energetic sound explosions, vibrant and intense blow outs, aggressive, sharp, harsh or depressive timbres – all these elements contain the main part of the compositions. Saxophonist mostly is concentrating on search of weird and strange timbres, original rhythmic and instrumental compilations and organic creation of unique, different, engaging and fresh sound. Wide scale of technical abilities and special effects of the saxophone is created here – it’s gently connected together with luxurious and precise playing technique, sensible, expressive and remarkable playing manner and unique sound of the saxophonist. Electronics and synthesizer make a strong contrast to live, dynamic and unpredictable saxophone melodies. Jérôme Noetinger and Robert Piotrowicz are exploring new kinds of playing techniques, dynamics, other elements of musical language – they are joining all these elements together and creating bright, extraordinary and interesting sound. Synthetic, dark, cold, depressive, harsh, rough and sharp sound is connected with soft and gorgeous timbres, short melodic elements, repetitive rhythms and various repetitive musical language elements. Huge amount of wide range of new, interesting and innovative playing techniques of electronics are fused together in one musical facture. Sonic system experiments, glitch, drone, sound machine’s sounds, alterated tunes, modificated sounds, abstract and continuing timbres, repetitive melodic or rhythmic elements, computer and electronic devices sounds, the imitations of other instruments sounds, field recordings, voice recordings – all these elements bringoriginal and interesting sound to the compositions. The musicians make a strong and organic relation of avant-garde jazz, experimental and electronic music, and academic avant-garde. The sounds and main elements of contemporary academical music and its styles are heard especially strongly. The equal combination of academic avant-garde and free improvisation is made very clearlym brightly and in interesting and engaging way. The melody and its beauty or memorable sound isn’t the priority of this album – musicians are dedicated to find new, essential, effective and gorgeous ways of playing, shocking musical decisions or pleasant surprises by fusing together the majority of bright and interesting playing techniques. hat makes an effort to colorful, engaging, evocative and bright sound.


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