Hatcher/Maunu/Kirshner – ‘The Raven and the Dove’ (2018)

‘The Raven and the Dove’ was released in the end of this September. Album was recorded by innovative and great jazz masters – Gerrit Hatcher (tenor saxophone), (guitar, violin, mandolin) and Julian Kirshner (drums, percussion). Three great and inspiring jazz masters certainly are the central figures of Chicago improvisational music scene. They are famous in various countries – through the long years of creative activity musicians had been playing, collaborating and improvising with dozens of other world-famous jazz masters. Musicians are breaking the lines of optimal and traditional sound, typical improvising and traditional instrumentation. Music is based on searches of unusual sounds, strange timbres, extraordinary playing techniques, abstract and innovative forms and other kinds of musical experiments. Musicians not hesitate to integrate intensive, shocking and bright expressions, bordering dynamics or make eclectic, strange or weird stylistic turns or instrumentation compilations. The music is interesting and bright – it has gorgeous, vivacious, natural, warm and interesting sound.

‘The Raven and the Dove’ has colorful and free musical pattern, abstract facture, open form, bright harmony and active mood. Musicians are improvising free and passionately – all their music is created spontaneously, with passion and played with hot, expressive, thrilling and energetic playing manner. Music is very dynamic and filled with changes – contrasting episodes, styles, manners and expressions are fused together. Musicians like to experiment in every way – they are breaking old and traditional things and creating new, extraordinary and interesting instead of them. Their music is the fusion of free improvisation, soft intonations of contemporary academical music, experimental music, academic avant-garde, main elements of avant-garde, modern and progressive jazz. This creative and organic combination is filled with colorful, individual and expressive episodes, which have sharp contrast against each other. Vivacious, light and joyful, pathetic, dramatic and fastidious, relaxing, meditative, passionate or dark, gloomy and depressive – all kinds of different emotions and characters are fused here. Musicians are not basing their music just on main elements of 1960’s avant-garde jazz – the main elements of pioneers and the most famous improvisers of early and contemporary experimental jazz are gently brought together with own, unique, specific, weird, provocative and fastidious musical decisions, innovative instrumentation and fascinating musical experiments. The music reflects the newest tendencies of contemporary avant-garde jazz, but also keeps the old traditions and usual, effective and bright elements of musical language all the time through the compositions. Gerrit Hatcher saxophone’s improvisations are brilliant and sparkling. Inspiring and vivacious solos, roaring, luminous and turbulent blow outs, powerful and dramatic culminations, silent and relaxing pauses, sudden diminuendo or harsh, extremely powerful and bright passing to the culmination of the album – all these elements are going all together at the same time or used silmunateously. Improviser has brilliant playing technique, suggestive and innovative improvising style and original, sharp, energetic and violent playing style. HIs improvising is remarkable and bright- it makes an energetic, effective and exceptional sound of all compositions and brings the main tune. Violin, mandolin and guitar  is interesting and unusual combination in avant-garde jazz. It’s rarely used, but has a wide space for free and inspiring improvising and searches of colorful, new and fresh sound. It’s possible to expand the traditional abilities of these instruments and make some eclectic and conceptual combinations of instrumentation or other ways of musical language. Peter Maunu certainly is the master of it – improviser inventively fuses and mixes together absolutely uncompairable musical language’s elements, styles, expressions and ways of playing. He gets out from the comfort zone of his instruments – that’s why he produces dozens of colorful, gorgeous and unusual timbres or expressions. Silent and soft solos grow to turbulent, impressive, eclectic and gorgeous improvisations with harsh sounds, sharp noises, gorgeous timbres, dramatic and passionate expressions, hot thrills, sparkling riffs and many other ways of playing. Guitar, mandolin, piano and violin form solid, bright, modern, independent and passionate melodic section, which is colorfully illustratedby various abbreviations, virtusic elements, ornamentations and innovative instrumentation. Julian Kirshner leads the drum base and whole rhythmic section. Effective and gorgeous timbres, unusual timbres, exotic instruments, synthesis between Western Africa rhythms, main rhythmic forms of free jazz, European and American jazz styles, fascinating musical experiments, roaring and vibrant drum rolls, aggressive solos, passionate and expressive pieces, active, dynamic and sparkling episodes and turbulent improvisations. That’s the main part of the elements who contain the rhythmic base of this album. Colorful, suggestive, sparkling and filled with impressive solos, free form ,spontaneous musical decisions and exceptional sounds – that’s how it’s possible to call independent and bright rhythmic section. The music of this album has innovative and bright sound – it’s made by three creative and great jazz masters and played with passion, thrills and expression.

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