Sten Sandell & Paal Nilssen-Love – “Munnen & Jacan” (SoundOut, 2018)

“Munnen & Jacan” is a new release of “SoundOut”. Album was recorded by Sten Sandell (piano/vocals) and Paal Nilssen-Love (drums). The newest playing techniques, inventive musical decisions, main tendencies of extraordinary and innovative Scandinavian avant-garde jazz – these elements form the base of the compositions. The music is based on bright, original and vivacious improvisations, who are fulfilled with eclectic, vital, shocking and spontaneous improvising. Two great improvisers are famous not just in Scandinavian jazz scene, but also are the part of the most creative, innovative and innovative improvisers of world wide avant-garde jazz scene. They both are innovateurs of avant-garde jazz – each of them had produced and created new forms, finded numerous of specific and shocking ways of playing and formed their own and unique sound. Musicians are interesting, ambitious and talented  – they never hesitate to fuse together contrasting styles, uncompairable music language’s elements and shocking musical decisions.

“Munnen & Jacan” is filled with passionate and bright sound and show the main elements of unique, innovative and extraordinary Scandinavian avant-garde jazz. Interesting rhythmic, melodic and sounds compilations, colorful chords, unusual playing techniques, strange timbres – all these elements form the main base of the compositions. The music is based on avant-garde and experimental jazz. Experienced and talented musicians have exceptional and expressive playing style – they like to use spontaneous musical decisions, bright and evocative playing techniques, various scales and other elements of musical language. Silmunateous usage of tempos, characters, styles, expressions and playing techniques is the main element of the album – it’s gently goes along together with spontaneous improvising and sound experiments. The music is filled with suggestive, gorgeous, passionate and bright sound. Musicians are improvising simply marvelously – they both search for new ways of playing, reveal their own and original playing style and unique sound. Cordial, bright and evocative improvising makes an effort to whole musical pattern, sound and its elements. It’s the main reason of ambitious, bright, colorful, attractive, interesting and just marvelous sound of this album. Sten Sandell piano and vocal improvisations have gorgeous sound and are based on all the main elements of free improvisation, avant-garde and experimental jazz. Musician also reveals and demonstrates hiw own sound, playing manner and style. Free improvisation is based on bebop, post bop, hard bop, neo boop and other elements of avant-garde jazz. Expressive, sharp. rigorous and remarkable melodies are the mixes of various jazz styles and other music genres. Expression, passion and hot playing manner always makes a strong relation with bebop, hard bop or other similar modern jazz styles. On the other hand, it’s not the only one jazz style, which is making the base of these compositions. Turbulent, energetic, bright, harsh, rigorous and extremely loud collective improvisations are based on main elements of avant-garde jazz elements. These episodes are the most effective and remarkable pieces of whole album – free, dynamic, rapid and furiously bright improvisations gently meet together with expressive and interesting vocal elements. The music gains exceptional and unique sound – it’s because of independent thrilling and moving improvisations. Roaring and vibrant solos, running, playful and vivid roulades, virtuosic and sparkling passages, recites, spoken elements, strange sounds, noises and timbres, passionate and moving melodies are twisted together with relaxing and abstract episodes. hollows and dozens of other vocal and instrumental playing techniques. Paal Nilssen-Love improvising is marvelous and suggestive. Improviser tries out new, innovative, experimental and traditional ways of playing, special effects, specific timbres, strange and interesting instrumentation compilations, fusion of conceptual rhythms, sounds, melodies and other elements of musical language. Huge experience, talent, hot, expressive and attractive playing manner, extended and marvelous ability to improvise in the spot, spontaneous musical decisions – these elements make a remarkable, solid, attractive, fastidious and terrific rhythmic section. This album was created with passion and remarkable creativity – it has marvelous, interesting and innovative sound.


6 thoughts on “Sten Sandell & Paal Nilssen-Love – “Munnen & Jacan” (SoundOut, 2018)”

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