Brandon Lopez – “quoniam facta sum vilis” (Astral Spirits, 2018)

“quoniam facta sum vilis” is another one new release of “Astral Spirits”. Album compositions were recorded and improvised by famous, passionate, creative and interesting bassist Brandon Lopez. Musician is famous in avant-garde jazz scene – he has charming, unique and expressive playing manner, unique and vibrant sound and extraordinary improvising style. Becuase of his inventive musical decisions, bright and dynamic playing style, Brandon Lopez is one of the most active bassist and the main figure of American avant-garde jazz scene. He’s also is collaborating with other famous, interesting and innovative avant-garde jazz masters. The music is totally based on free, experimental, creative, avant-garde jazz and has many relations with other jazz styles. The music is based on bright, original and extraordinary combinations and relations between various jazz styles. Bassist fuses together contrasting episodes and styles – joyful, playful and charming solos, vibrant and powerful tunes, repetitive and solid bass line or other musical language’s elements.

“quoniam facta sum vilis” consists of solos for bass. All the compositions have the same base and main music style, which remains the most important element of whole album. Innovative, sharp, gorgeous and fresh sound of avant-garde jazz make the basic of the compositions and its elements. Free improvisations are simply gorgeous and charming – bassist dives through many different moods, senses, produces new and unusual timbres, makes strange rhythmic, instrumental and harmonic compilations. Every fusion is created in organic and creative way – bassist always searches for a new and extraordinary method to relate together absolutely different musical language’s elements. That gives a marvelous and impressive result – the compositions are filled with dynamic, bright, innovative, interesting, charming and passionate sound. It seems, that this music is always in change – every episode is different from the other and brings new color to the compositions. From the silent, relaxing, peaceful and slow solos musician goes to abstract and subtle pieces – strange noises, eclectic chords, separate tunes and rhythms, contemplating mood and slow or mid-slow tempo contain the major part of these episodes. Dreamy and romantic excerpts switch to expressive solos, moving, rapid, active and energetic improvisations, turbulent, dramatic andfrantic melodies, furiously fast and charming passages or other musical language elements. The music is getting new and bright sound every time, when new mood and episode comes – each episode has its own sense, feeling, tune, musical; expressions and instrumentation decisions. Dramatic, remarkable and passionate melodies are filled with sudden changes, eclectic and complicated stylistic turns, sharp and disonance harmony, sound experiments and special effects. Musician tries out every possible playing technique or method – that makes a reason to analyse more the instrumentation section, who is simply inspiring, evocative and marvelous in this album. Pizzicato, dramatic tremolo, charming and raipd passages, animated and moving glissando, trembling vibrato, moving and sparkling free improvisations are gently fused together with organic and bright instrumentation decisions, self-created methods of playing, shocking, drastic, bordering and attractive playing techniques. This huge variety of different music styles and musical language elements makes an effort to evocative, charming, impressive and remarkable sound. Open form, many different layers, synchronisation of various chords, strange and evocative timbres, spontaneous and surprising solos also make a huge effort to the common sound and musical pattern. Brandon Lopez solos are real masterpieces of avant-garde jazz – where’s t=enough place for expansion of optimal technical abilities, demonstration of precise and marvelous playing technique, fascinating musical experiments, marvelous, inspiring, impressive and terrific improvisations, innovative instrumentation and rich musical language. The music of this album has interesting, effective, bright and innovative sound.

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